Ski Safari: Adventure Time
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Ski Safari: Adventure Time
Ski Safari: Adventure Time
Ski Safari: Adventure Time
Ski Safari: Adventure Time
Ski Safari: Adventure Time
Ski Safari: Adventure Time

Review Ski Safari: Adventure Time

Sergei Petrov
Ski Safari: Adventure Time - bright arcade game for Android, which is a symbiosis of two exciting projects. The game is full of various characters, fun tricks and bright colors. The unique design and funny voice complete the picture, making the gameplay is incredibly addictive.
Adventure Time with Finn & Jake - the original name of serial and cartoon show, originally from the United States. The Adventures of Finn and Jake have already won a lot of fans around the world. Best boy friend, magical dog named Jake, is capable of changing its shape, grow and shrink in size. And they both live in an incredible country, interacting with other protagonists: Ice King, Queen Vampire Princess Bubblegum and others.


As in the classical Ski Safari , we fly out for an adventure right from your own home, lying in bed. Immediately thereafter begins a mad race - we are saved by all possible means of caved. To help the main character in turn will be coming all the characters of the same name shows, and he will use them to move in different poses. Each character has its own peculiarities, and lucky for us at different speeds. The further we go in the gameplay, the characters become more diverse, starting with Jake, and ending with the princess pink chariot. On the road it is very desirable to collect as many coins on them can acquire bonuses and amplifiers as well as alter the protagonist.
During the game, be sure to do all kinds of tricks, flips and long as possible combos. Try to spend most of the way on top of the other heroes to score more points. Also, watch for mounds and slopes - sudden drops and bumps on the rocks lead to long pauses and loss of speed. It was at this point you can cover and approaching avalanche. Do not miss the chance to ride a unicorn - it is able to raise you high in the sky, making it inaccessible to many obstacles and barriers. Very nice and interesting to jump on the jelly puddles - they are perfectly springy, but at the wrong angle of incidence can significantly podzaderzhalsya you.
The controls are very simple: the hero rides, runs or flies automatically, but we do jumping during stone slides, avoid sharp falls and adjusts the angle of movement under the existing landscape. To flip a long clamping finger screen to purchase the desired angle during landing. For the successful landing after somersault you will receive bonuses. However, some characters just do not allow you to do a somersault. On top of the screen displays your current account float in the middle of the process earned bonuses or acceleration, and bottom left are counted earned gold.

Features Ski Safari: Adventure Time for Android:

  • A huge number of bright and popular characters from the show;
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay, borrowed from Ski Safari;
  • A large selection of magical locations and characters;
  • A variety of improvements and bonuses;
  • Funny costumes and other features change the appearance of the hero;
  • A lot of fun tasks.
Game can be called heavily psychedelic. The characters are very funny, but at the same time as if someone started too imaginative. In addition to this fact, we could not find significant shortcomings: Play this arcade game is quite simple, fun and exciting. Simple gameplay with more than covers a huge amount of detail, vivid characters, and other in-game elements.


Ski Safari: Adventure Time - addictive arcade game for Android, in which we will be able to get into a magical world filled with unique characters and incredible adventures. More likely the game will be enjoyed by fans of the American show about a boy named Finn and his best friend, talking dog Jake. The cost of the game is a little less than one dollar, which is more than adequate for the price of endless action in cartoon style.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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