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Little Inferno
Little Inferno
Little Inferno
Little Inferno
Little Inferno

Review Little Inferno

Sergei Petrov
Little Inferno - the original arcade game for Android creative about arsonists, in which there is no plot as such, the gameplay is essentially very simple, but there is an interesting idea and its more than qualitative performance. And burn it all red flames!
So, the game is a simulator entertainment fireplace, which can be burned completely any objects and things. And best of all is that this fire completely eco-friendly and very comfortable, and because it can find new friends, lovers such as how to warm up, burning batteries, televisions, credit cards, toys, letters and so on.


Initially available to you a small set of items that you burn, thereby earning coins and spending them on new items, open burning as the previous ones. Coin will fall out of the burned items directly during the action itself. And also you can periodically see spiders running out boldly on the screen. If you click on the spider in time for it, you'll also get extra coins.
In order to ignite the thing in the fireplace, you must first unzip it by clicking on it in the bottom panel and move into the fireplace. Swipe your finger inside the fireplace, you will see the light, and you can set fire to any thing. If multiple items, then you need to drag them all in turn, respectively, and only then set fire only to create combos. More resistant to reality items made from sustainable materials, ignited more complex and require some effort.
After the purchase of each item you will need to wait some time for them to be delivered to your house. At a time when the goods have not yet delivered, they lit button with a green circle, filled as delivery. If you do not want to wait, you can pay for fast delivery without delay, by clicking on these same circles.
ASIC pleasure from conventional combustion of everything in the fire, we also have to pass the original missions and tasks. Above them, by the way, will have to consider as direct indications that it burn, we will not. And will only name of a combo, the composition of which we must solve. For example, Movie night combo involves a burning TV and popcorn, but it's one of the easiest options combo. And the same exact way you combine items on getting a star for each successfully guessed and burned combo.

Features Little Inferno for Android:

  • Game - nominated for numerous awards and honors;
  • Bright representative indie genre with three developers;
  • Excellent realistic physics;
  • Gorgeous, like nothing on earth design;
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay;
  • Atmospheric songs from the project's website.
In projects of this kind is very difficult to find flaws. Physics, design, music and the process of burning so fascinating that one desire - to play without stopping and without interruption for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, the difficulties in the passing game - namely, creating the right combo, perceived as a deterrent. Therefore, it is difficulty in solving intricate combinations and we write a shortcoming, although it is not critical for lovers break down.


Little Inferno - an original puzzle game for Android, where you can wake up a long-forgotten thrust burn everything, and become a true pyromaniac. Originality of this game is not only unusual idea and getting pleasure from burning everything, but in the great physics. Objects in the fireplace very realistic burn, explode, fall and eventually turn into ashes. We recommend to try, but in any case not to transfer the lessons learned into a reality!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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