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Pretentious Game
Pretentious Game
Pretentious Game
Pretentious Game
Pretentious Game

Review Pretentious Game

Aleksei Chernikov
Pretentious Game - an arcade game for Android with the original idea, which reveals the vicissitudes of a romantic relationship between the two squares. The protagonist of the game - a blue square, which has a geometric passion as a pink square. Despite the fact that this description sounds like the least silly, developers were able to make the game interesting platformer.
Game development studio took Bulkypix, which has already become famous such interesting creations as Meltdon and Jazz: Trump's Journey . Developers are known for an original approach to the creation of games, and Pretentious Game, perhaps, was one of the most unusual.


Will have to play for the blue square, which is necessary in any way to get to the pink shapes. Meaning is unchanged with each subsequent level, but the complexity of each stage increases. In this addition of red triangles that are the likeness of the trap, the difficulty lies in finding the right algorithm actions.
Management is implemented by using the three buttons. The left side of the screen there are two keys to move back and forth on the left - one responsible for jumping. For example, the first levels will need to just jump hill of squares and square touch with pink. Each level is accompanied by the phrase, the similarity of "I'll run without fear." It is not only the name of the level, but also is a hint that you want to take literally.
The uniqueness of the game is that each level requires a different way of walking. Also, it is worth considering that the game has absolutely no rules. Each level can cross the prohibitions of the past and allow, for example, to use an alternative form of governance. Riot minimalist game chaos with a nice piano music accompanies.

Features Pretentious Game for Android:

  • Minimalistic design;
  • Nice music;
  • A large number of intricate levels;
  • Funny poetic clues;
  • Lack of permanent rules.
Despite the fact that the game is very simple in graphic terms, the idea here is unique. Perhaps that is why the developers made free only the first set of levels. To gain access to the other two sets have to pay $ 1. You can also support the project contributions of $ 3 and $ 5, for which developers offer content as wallpaper for your device and soundtrack.


Pretentious Game - this is a very interesting and original arcade game for Android. Instead of beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay, the developers chose to utter minimalism and funny idea. However, the feature as a simple design lets you immerse yourself in the game and focus on solving puzzles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 4/10
Sound 10/10
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