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VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player
VLC media player

Review VLC media player

Sergei Furman
VLC media player - a true multimedia processor for Android, which can play most audio and video files, as well as any network broadcasting. He came to us from desktop computers, where for a long time is a leader. According to the developers, the current version is not perfectly stable, and therefore has the status of «Beta».
VLC is distributed free of charge and can offer playback using a huge number of built-in codecs. Similar set can boast not one standard player. Currently only supported processors ARMv7, but in the final version, the developers promise and ARMv6. In addition to working with popular formats, the program can boast support 720p MKV, as well as subtitles, network flows and search media library.

Interface and capabilities

First, the program automatically scans your gadget for any media and sorts them according to their categories. Available only four such categories: Video, Audio, Catalogs, History. All your files will be placed on shelves. You can switch between them using the sidebar.
Video files are displayed as thumbnails with text next to the name, although the miniatures are sometimes absent. The player interface looks quite minimalist, but functional from not hurt. Scroll bar shows the progress visually, although also displays the total and current playback time. File, you can stop and rewind. In addition, you can monitor the battery charge indicator and the actual time.
The music player also borrowed the concept of simplicity. However, this did not prevent him from being beautiful. Main area occupies the progress bar at the top flaunts cover composition. Function keys allow you to rewind, change the playback speed, include random mode and a sleep timer.
It should be noted a large number of options in the settings. You can change the screen orientation, tracking headset, overall performance, text encoding, as well as appearance. Despite the prefix «Beta», the program provides many forums acting analogues.

Features VLC media pleer for Android:

  • Work with almost all media formats;
  • Minimalistic, but user-friendly interface;
  • Support for a large number of codecs;
  • Stable operation with 720p video;
  • Network protocol support;
  • Support media library.
Among the shortcomings are the slight instability. The program periodically crashes without serious reason for it. However, we sincerely believe that all defects will disappear along with the release of the final version of the application.


VLC media player - a "Mast keV" for all who are interested in quality, functional, and free media player for Android. Already, the program can work with all popular (and not so) file formats on mobile devices. Nice interface promotes continuous replenishment in the army of fans VLC. Difficult to imagine the level of success of the project, when it comes to the beta stage.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 6/10
Design 10/10
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hy can you give me watsapp apk of huawei version 2.3.6 /y210
Hi. I downloaded this app onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Looked at movies on my micro SD card. I can see 1 movie of 10, all in the same format. That seems to be across all the movies I have. I can see 1 MP4, but can't see the other 14, can see 3 AVI, but the other 40 are not working etc. So it seems to be able to play the various formats, just not the particular file. Very frustrating when you are trying to watch a series. Any tips?
I have downloaded VLC to my Samsung Galaxy S5.  It displays video just fine, but I get not sound.  I've tried to adjust sound in Settings, with no effect.  The is Android 6.  I haven't found much in VLC itself for setting sound.  Any thoughts on how to get it working?  Thanks, Bob
Brandon Girod
Can you verify that sound is working for the videos you're trying to watch in other apps?
ramjr18 Jun 2016, at 00:20Samsung Galaxy S5
Yes, sound is fine with the videos using the default movie player.
Write a comment...its amazing
bapan Sasma
Good vlc mideaplayar
when I try to download music file from media player to samsung GTS7500 the 'start sync' is greyed out !!
Dave P.
okay, I just got me a Galaxy S5 and have a question...is there a media player like Windows Media Player that can play either music or videos off of a playlist and using random play?  Got a bunch of 80's music videos(including some MTV bumpers) on my computer that I can play just like the original days of MTV.  Any tips would help
young zeka
Write a comment...am trying to download vlc but it is telling me that i dont have any device am using micromax A114
My Samsung Note Pro 12.2 doesn't play and audio with my video. How do I fix this?
santa fe
how do I get my music from my computer onto the moto g? I see the folder in the directory of the phone, but don't know how to listen to it.
Vlad Popa
Simply use a USB to micro-USB cable and copy/paste the media files you wish to listen to. Then use any app capable of running them and they will be automatically displayed in the app's library.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Help me people i want to download whatsupp
Apparently my Samsung galaxy s3 mini is not compatible with Adobe flash player. ....what's the next best option for my android? Also, is 4.4.2 up to date? Don't know much about all that
Vlad Popa
If your device does not support Flash then you may have a hard time viewing Flash content.
Firstly just to make sure I understand the issue, you wish to use Flash Player in order to view Flash content on the web or as a video player on your smartphone?
For the first case i recommend trying play.google.com/store/app... as it may help.
If you merely wish to use it as a video playback app then almost any will do. Including VLC the app you are commenting on or play.google.com/store/app... , BS Player.
Bahut mast hei babu bhai.
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