ARC Squadron: Redux
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ARC Squadron: Redux
ARC Squadron: Redux
ARC Squadron: Redux
ARC Squadron: Redux
ARC Squadron: Redux

Review ARC Squadron: Redux

Aleksei Chernikov
ARC Squadron: Redux - a dynamic and very beautiful game for Android, which has a simple control and lots of levels. Against this background, totally addictive game from the first minute of the game - stands aside for a couple of seconds, the player runs the risk of an asteroid, or get the rocket out of the cannon of the enemy ship.
Game development studio developers engaged Psyonix Studios, which is famous for its contribution to the creation of such well-known computer games like Bulletstorm and Gears of War. The company specializes in graphics engine Unreal, which, by the way, and implemented ARC Squadron: Redux.


The game begins with a small level of workout, where the user controls show highlights. Control of the game sold very simple, but even so, some of the levels will have to replay a few times. To move, press the display in the right direction, and for a spectacular maneuver can use swipe. Attack enemies automatically when pointing at the target of a special sight, and to activate more powerful weapons need to tap on the goal.
Besides the destruction of enemy fighters have to perform other tasks. For example, collect special boxes that activate various bonuses to strengthen the attack, or plasma, to instantly update the integrity of the hull. For each mission, depending on the damage you get points that can be spent on improving weapons and power characteristics of the spacecraft.
It should be noted that the developers did a great job on creating locations. Just have to go through 60 levels with unique cosmic scenery. Mission also divided into nine chapters, each end have to contend with huge boss, who unlike small fighter can beat the player's ship to pieces with a single attack.

Features ARC Squadron: Redux for Android:

  • Gorgeous 3D-graphics;
  • Big campaign includes 60 levels;
  • Ability to improve weapons and ship;
  • The uniqueness of each location;
  • Nine exciting fights with bosses.
Obvious shortcomings in the game very difficult to find. Probably because decent analogue in the genre of action of this level space for Android has not. Everything else, plus the developers deserve to karma, as the game is absolutely free and without interfering advertising.


ARC Squadron: Redux - is a fascinating space shooter for Android, the quality of which was noted renowned gaming publications. If you're partial to space issues, or simply have been looking for an interesting space "Fly" - is what you need.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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