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Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Returns

Review Shadowrun Returns

Aleksei Chernikov
Shadowrun Returns - is designed turn-based strategy RPG genre for Android. The main feature of the game is the storyline, which imposes on the gameplay and the need for frequent reading long conversations. On the other hand, is perfectly realized the possibility of leveling your character and detailed turn-based battle mechanics. These features make utter nostalgic tear fans first parts Fallout.
Development of the game took an independent studio Harebrained Schemes, which is also involved in the creation of the eponymous computer game. Feature here is that Shadowrun Returns for Android - it is, in fact, an adapted version of the computer game without major changes. So you should make a note that the game is very long and painful, requiring immersive gameplay.


Besides the fact that the player will need to carry out the step of battle, have also moved to locations, complete assignments and conduct dialogues with the characters. Management is satisfied with very simple - to hit, and went there. Objects and characters with whom you can contact, especially the labels highlighted the prompts to action.
Combat mechanics here is done in a classic style. Every fighter has a specific set of points for action and field available for movement. For example, if you shoot at an enemy for 1 point, still remains one to move into the shelter. After that comes the opponents. The battle continues on this principle as long as the enemies are killed.
An important component of the game is the system of characters. The game begins with the creation of a hero. Also banal appearance settings have to choose a class, race, ability and distribute karma points on the necessary skills. As pumping can improve performance of different skills. In general, this part is very well thought and done in the best traditions of classic RPG.

Features Shadowrun Returns for Android:

  • Sophisticated storyline;
  • Beautiful graphics and animation;
  • Deep character customization system;
  • Sophisticated turn-based combat mechanics;
  • The ability to manage a group of fighters.
For fans of RPG, steampunk and long dialogues game will be a godsend. By the way, the developers appreciated his creation at $ 10. In the game there is no advertising and the possibility of donation. Also worth noting is that the control on the smartphone is not quite convenient because of intense gameplay. Game ported to the PC version on the tablet so the gameplay more pleasant.


Shadowrun Returns - this is one of the best RPG for Android. The game promises to steal a lot of time, so as to pass many missions is not enough to kill all the enemies. In some places need a long chat with the characters, search for items and so on. Through deep role-playing system, elaborate combat mechanics and a great story, the game can be put on a par with classical computer analogy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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