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Knightmare Tower
Knightmare Tower
Knightmare Tower
Knightmare Tower
Knightmare Tower

Review Knightmare Tower

Sergei Furman
Knightmare Tower - this is another casual game addiction triggering attacks from fans of this genre. Short (or not) allow you to accumulate a series of jumps in-game currency, which is then converted into bonuses.
Development team Juicy Beast Studio went through an interesting realization of the project. You can download it for free, but only if the in-game purchase offer full version. It should be noted that the "free" enough for meaningful output - game worth the money or not.


Bird brings news peacefully resting under a small tree knight. It turns out that the evil forces captured the loving princesses in a dark and very high castle. Now you have a long way to the top of the tower. How do I get there? Of course, at a makeshift medieval barrel-rocket! How could it be otherwise?
In practice, this means that you can scroll left and right by tilting your gadget, and attack enemies using conventional Taps on the screen. Destroying enemies gives a certain momentum to fly even higher combo improve the overall speed. Bubbling lava flows stimulate make everything as quick. Gameplay complicated various types of enemies, which Knightmare Tower burn! Some of them act as extras, some have thorns, some do try to shoot balls knight or mucus. Overall the game difficulty increases in proportion to your progress.
In addition, there is a system of achievements and constantly evolving side quests like "save the green-eyed maid." At the beginning of the gameplay seems a little monotonous, but once you buy a new sword, the problem with the monsters simply disappears. Additional "heart" extends the life of the hero. And then there comes a point when the amount of money earned in one trial already huge, but I want more and more ... Addictive!

Knightmare Tower Features for Android:

  • Two modes - arcade and survival;
  • Tons of upgrades for the main character;
  • An epic battle with the boss;
  • 70 quests;
  • More than 50 varieties of enemies;
  • Additional weapons, bombs, various potions;
  • Riding on the missiles.
Surprisingly, that is not the most original storyline backed by constant introduction of something new. Interest in the game is not lost until its complete transmission.


Knightmare Tower began its journey as a browser-based toy, but after the arrival of Android-based device it seems that it is for them, and it was originally created. Forced to admit, this project deserves the highest praise. All thanks to the primitive, at first glance, but very exciting and dynamic gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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