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Dodol Launcher
Dodol Launcher
Dodol Launcher
Dodol Launcher
Dodol Launcher
Dodol Launcher
Dodol Launcher
Dodol Launcher
Dodol Launcher

Review Dodol Launcher

Jay Feldman
Various features, stylish design
Inconvenient interface, lags a bit
Dodol Launcher for Android creates a whole new look for your droid. There's tons of themes to choose from, but not all of them are great.
Dodol Launcher goes for broke. It doesn't just change a few button layouts, but revamps your entire interface to the point where it doesn't even feel like you're using Android anymore. Basically, the app is a collection of themes; just browse the comprehensive library of choices and switch between your favorites easier than you can swap shoes. There are themes to fit every conceivable mood spanning the human experience, and the best part is, most all of them appear to be free.
There are several categories to browse, but the interface is sorely lacking a meaningful search function. All your downloads are stored in a library for easy switching, and swapping between your favorite looks is just a couple clicks. You literally could change your entire gizmo on a whim, or match outfits just for fun.
The themes function well for the most part, but some display better than others. A few are more gimmicky than practical. Occasionally, the home button hangs before kicking in, as does switching between pages. It's a smooth experience overall, but not hiccup free. Most themes change all your icons too, so virtually nothing looks the same as before.
Dodol Launcher will take the boredom out of your droid. So if you're feeling a little ho-hum about the same old Android, change is just a click away.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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Will you please make dodol launcher compatible with Lenovo A369i? pleaseeeeee
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately we have no control over an app's development, as we simply review them. This would be better directed at the app's developers.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
Pleas control my app
ifi  change my dodol launcher's theme it wont automaticall change to the phones theme. only the wallpaper.. how to include phone's theme? My phone is xiaomi 1s
Vlad Popa
According to the developers: the app may not be compatible with some devices. In order to get assistance and information about the issue you can send an email to in which you should include a screenshot. your device model and Android version and the app version, along with a detailed description. In order to see what app version your device is using, please check your app manager.
hello, my dodol locker app has just frozen and i can't slide it to unlock. the phone is still working. viber msgs still pops up and i can send replies and stuff but i can't slide the dodol locker to unlock my phone...
Vlad Popa
Please send an email to in which you should include a screenshot and mention your smartphone brand, android version, launcher version and a detailed description of the error, when it occurred what were you doing when it happened etc. Hopefully they can help you as quickly as possible.
Why is Dodol Launcher incompatible with Alcatel Onetouch Glory 2?
Alexander Vorobyev
Can you specify more details about your problem? Thank you.
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