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Epic Arena
Epic Arena
Epic Arena
Epic Arena
Epic Arena

Review Epic Arena

Aleksei Chernikov
Epic Arena - a turn-based strategy for Androi, gameplay which is based on the principle of the card game. If card games are often designed for the user's imagination, the Epic Arena added component of action that is fundamentally changing the idea of ​​such a strategy.
Developers Shadow Masters Inc. took on the genre of the most important: the presence of tactics and logic in passing, as well as many different units and improved in this mixture and dynamic multiplayer.


Gameplay is a battle on the field, which is divided into cells. As in every step strategy, cells restricted movement trajectory units. Some fields are marked with labels cells, each of which is an improvement. It is activated when a fighter is on a cell. Each unit has its own characteristics, skills and weaknesses. This fact adds to the need for thinking through combat tactics.
Every soldier or improve assigned card. The player's task is spaced units, and rational use of moves. Each course consists of five actions. Here is a nice addition rollback - if the user decided that I did something wrong, all you can return back.
Epic Arena includes three game modes: training, single and multiplayer. The first mode is useful for everybody, as the gameplay has many pitfalls. Single game contains three levels of difficulty of 10 missions. As the developers of these two modes are certain preparations for the online game. Indeed, a set of single-player missions are not many and they help the players to understand the basic tactics of the game.
In multiplayer, you can play with a friend, or with a random player. However, given the principle of turn-based strategy, each game can last as long as is to think of your opponent moves. That's why developers have the opportunity to spend several battles. As bleeding, can purchase a new card - units and improvements.
As mentioned above, the game contains elements of action. In contrast to the classic card games, all units in the dynamic strategy. In this connection it should be noted graphical component Epic Arena. The graphics are very nicely done in cartoon style. Effects look nice, and the units have individual details.

Features Epic Arena for Android:

  • The set of units and improvements;
  • Nice graphics;
  • Dynamic gameplay unlike counterparts;
  • Multiplayer and the opportunity to play with friends.
Strategy is free in Google Play. However, the game can be purchased in-game volutes - crystals for real money. For crystals can buy the cards individually, or just the deck.


Epic Arena - a great game for Android with interesting gameplay. The strategy will appeal to fans of card games, and fans of colorful action games. Great addition is the ability to play with friends.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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