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Review rymdkapsel

Aleksei Chernikov
rymdkapsel - this is one of the most unusual games for Android, which we have seen, seriously. Achieved all in pixel style, from the very beginning is not clear what to do. But in the end it turns out that this is a strategy game with deep gameplay measured. In this game, you can forget about the time and place for all things then, if you have played The Settlers or Civilization, then you must understand the dynamics of exemplary.
Developing a game studio grapefrukt games, and this is their first mobile game that has found such a huge response from the audience that it is even mentioned in the New York Times. With games that happens very rarely.


The idea of ​​the game is built on a combination of different types of building blocks. All done in the style of Tetris, each new unit has a random shape, as in the famous game. Thus, under this form, we can choose the construction of any object.
At present rymdkapsel 7 buildings, each building is responsible for its function. Interaction between the buildings and the construction of new buildings perform jobs that look like ordinary white pixels.
The basic structure of the game - this corridor should connect all other objects. Next come the building for resource extraction. Blue energy in the game is produced during the construction of the building automatically, as well as yellow. But to get a pink energy is needed to build a plant near the source.
Also, we will have to periodically attack enemy pixels, here we need the blue building for defense. Necessary to construct these buildings on the perimeter and in the moment of the attack translate all workers in protection mode. Over time, the attack will occur more often, so you need to build more defense equipment.
Control of the game is very convenient: we do not control directly, we choose where and what to build, then send a job working for them to meet the rest. On a map of the game, in addition to our database, will also be more scattered islands, which are located on the station. Capturing such a station, we can accelerate the movement of workers.

Features rymdkapsel for Android:

  • Unusual visual style;
  • Deep and interesting gameplay;
  • Atmospheric soundtrack;
  • Several interesting jobs;
  • Simple operation.
The disadvantages include the lack of game play modes. In fact, only one level of the game, which can each time a different beat. In the first couple of hours of play and lack of it, but after reaching the skill no longer enough diversity.
Summary. rymdkapsel - it's a great meditative strategy for Android, you can play for hours without noticing the time passing. The game adjusts to dive as graphics and music. Distributed exclusively game fee, $ 4, and fully justifies its cost.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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