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Review Sketchman

Sergei Petrov
Sketchman - stylized runner for android, where you will see the original incarnation of the sketch as well-drawn graphics. The game was ported to Android with PC, where it has already gained fame and popularity.
Not to say that we were delighted with the creations of the studio, the more so in this case they are quite a few, and we can only say that is overlooked, and we can safely recommend. But games like


So, after going through a brief tutorial, you can start an endless run with obstacles. On our way will emerge all sorts of traps and obstacles - boxes, bombs, spikes, as well as flying bombs and barrels of poison. In addition, the road will constantly attack the enemy in the form of the same men, but with their own features. For example, some of them will fly, while others will shoot out of the car. Quite often you will be put in situations where you need to choose - to be a hero and kill all enemies, or quietly run this stretch of road, but stay alive.
Control of the game more than just based on the two buttons - jump and fire. The only thing to remember is the fact that the double jump - this second pressing jump in the air and flying - it's a long press after the jump. The screen below we see a health band, top left - the number of coins and the buttons for controlling - the left and right lane, respectively life. The game is available to us 6 types of weapons that you can later update yet. And do not forget to carry out the mission entrusted to you - it is for them you will earn gold coins, which then you can buy all sorts of improvements and bonuses.

Features Sketchman for Android:

  • Unusual design;
  • Excellent traced, stylized sketch drawing;
  • Many kinds of weapons;
  • Classic boss battles;
  • Large number of bonuses and chips;
  • Rich variety of enemies and traps;
  • Numerous missions and achievements.
The game is still seen by some lags and gaps in optimization, but it is not so much conspicuous as a second, more substantial disadvantage. The store with the inside game shopping done for this to extort money, as even the most good game is simply impossible to make many types of weapons, upgrades and other bonuses. Soaring prices spoils the gaming experience, especially as it is passed without improvement is not as easy as we would like.


Sketchman - dynamic arcade game for Android, where, playing for the painted man, can be properly run, jump and fly, as well as punish the villains and overcome the huge number of obstacles and traps. This runner is worthy of trial, but the greed of developers slightly spoils the game experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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