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Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D
Pixel Gun 3D

Review Pixel Gun 3D

Sergei Petrov
Pixel Gun 3D - is a multiplayer shooter game for Android with a first-person shooter, made ​​entirely in the style of the popular game Minecraft. That is, all objects in the game is made of a plurality of larger squares including weapons and humans.
Developing a game studio RiliSoft Ltd, and this is their first project, which immediately became popular. Everything that is made in Minecraft-style gaining popularity very quickly, as the expense of fans of this game for a long time in the millions.


Management in the game by using a virtual joystick to move the area on the right side to aim and click to shoot. Aim of the game is quite difficult, and management needs to set up and adjust the sensitivity. So just do not be lazy to go and set all by yourself.
Developers did not hesitate to have copied some of the cards from the popular game Counter Strike, so if you played the legendary game, here you will find a pleasant surprise. Of course, the game mechanics to the level of CS far, but for a game on a smartphone all looks quite adequately.
Maps available in the game are also created on the principle of CS: choose the right card, see if there is free space and you go, there is always the usual places. Initially, you will only be available a knife, a pistol and a shotgun, everything else must be purchased at least pass and improve their skills.
In the game, in addition to classic mode Death Match, there is also a co-op modes, where players unite to fight the pixel zombies. Sound familiar? Yes, it's Left4Dead attempt to implement within a modest mobile game turned out pretty interesting.

Features Pixel Gun 3D for Android:

  • Qualitative 3D-style graphics Minecraft;
  • Multiple cards, many of which will be familiar to the game Counter Strike;
  • Death Match and co-op mode in the style of Left4Dead;
  • A huge variety of weapons;
  • Great possibilities for customization of your character;
  • Simple controls and fun hardcore gameplay.
The disadvantages include the game is not the most responsive controls, as the experience of other games (eg, Shadowgun) we know that we can do much better. Also, in some moments of the observed inhibition, as the game itself, and online connection (delay).
Summary. Pixel Gun 3D - this is a good online shooter for Android, which will please fans of the style and the pixel universe Minecraft. The game is available in two versions - a limited number of free maps and weapons, as well as the full version for only $ 1.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Best game EVER!!!
How do you do this this is the best GAME EVER
I love this game!!!
Can you make a boy cat and a boy cat.also make one called beach girl and a beach boy make them in swim suites PLEASE MAKE THEM 
Vlad Popa
I'm afraid we have no control over the development of any of the apps we review. You could send a suggestion to the app developers, however there is no guarantee that they will implement it.
They should make it on all of the phones app store my phone don't even have it
Vlad Popa
What phone is that?
Giovanie Velazquez
for the next update make a king of the hill game for team battle
also make it so u can use the guns u have and make your own PLZPLZPLZPLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE GAME IS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!
Vlad Popa
I'm sorry to inform you that we have no control over the direction that any of the apps and games on our site take. We merely review them. Please direct any suggestions to the app developers.
in the next update plz make it so you can buy the campaing guns and make your own guns but with your own guns you should use coins to upgrade chosen statistics.
Vlad Popa
Please refer any suggestions to the app developers as we have no control over the direction any of the apps or games on our site take. We merely review them.
I LOVE THIS GAME I HAVE ALMOST ALL THE GUNS BUT IM STILL PLAYING IT AND LOVING IT. THE NEW UPDATE IS SO COOL WELL DONE PIXEL GUN!!! + my username is LEGENDARY77 and I want to say a big shout out to iballistic bacca and once again thank you so mush for the new updade
USAF Mobius 1
The next update should upgrade the golden laser shooter to diamond laser shooter and what is red should be white and whatever gold should be diamond then increase damage and capacity. The PROTOTYPE PSR-1 should be upgraded to a blue laser then increase the rate of fire, capacity ,and mobility. That's all the ideas I have at the moment -USAF Mobius 1
Vlad Popa
As i mentioned in my other comments: please direct any suggestions to the app developers. We merely review the apps on our site and have no control over them.
in this games i know averything about it i going to download this games
ageint ninja for pixel gun 3d
ageint ninja for pixel gun 3d24 Mar 2014, at 00:48
It is aweome
MINECRAFTlORD80811 Mar 2014, at 06:17Amazon Kindle Fire
Why can't I update pixel gun 3d for kindle fire? They published a NEW Pixel Gun 3D game for kindle fire and took off the first one. WE HAVE TO GET EVERYTHING AGAIN! WTF!!! Fix This Rilisof & Amazon
Its great game but how do you get a space gun? Please tell me, ok?
what space gun? if you mean the alien gun you get it by winning area 52 in campaign
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