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Smash the Office
Smash the Office
Smash the Office
Smash the Office
Smash the Office

Review Smash the Office

Sergei Petrov
Smash the Office - crushing arcade game for Android in which ordinary worker loses last exposure and avenges the long hours of labor hated everything that comes his way. Fortunately, the people in the office at this point no longer exists, so that the main blow accepts appliances, furniture, doors and other attributes of each boring workplace.
On the site we have overlooked one game from this studio -


So, our rebellion begins with the fact that moving the office we have to shatter and destroy everything that gets in our way. Next, follow the following rooms, in fact, with all the same content, but arranged in a different order and in greater numbers. For control, we have a virtual joystick in the lower left corner. Our main task - to move as quickly as possible and as often as possible to click on the hero to strike in the right direction. Total, we are given one minute to it to let off steam and smash office equipment to the nines. Destruction of office space will be held under appropriate music and wild laughter clearly gone mad protagonist.
In the special moments of madness, when we will be able to make spectacular combos, the protagonist starts to spin just the office, destroying everything with renewed vigor and energy. At this point, the main thing - the right to manage and direct the art in places where the greatest number of points. In the process of destroying anything and everything also pay attention to the bonus items, such as fly agaric. If you hit the bat on it, your hero will be doubled in size, which, of course, will give him incredible strength and allows more quickly and successfully defeat the at least one room.

Smash the Office Features for Android:

  • 6 kinds of guerrilla weapons: bat, stick, hammer and so on;
  • Upgrades in the form of fungi and other collected bonuses;
  • Coins for each completed level, depending on the number of shattered;
  • Minimalist design style in the office;
  • Limited amount of time per round - one minute;
  • Cool and funny animation of the hero.
We have already seen many similar anti-stress games for those who do not like your job, hates his boss and his dreams always causes harm not only the set of office equipment, but bored colleagues. But none of them, as well as here, there is no plot, no progress, no achievements, no any other chips that can captivate a long time and let the game stand out from the others with a similar theme.


Smash the Office - aggressive arcade game for Android, whose effects have not yet been examined and proved by any scientific evidence. But the developers claim that it can help to let off steam to all those who have long suffered any inconvenience and trouble at work. If you think that the virtual office will become a rout calmer and more tolerant, the game we strongly recommend you. The main thing - do not go from virtual to reality!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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