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Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones
Spirit Stones

Review Spirit Stones

Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, interesting plot, quality game play
Is lagging, uses a lot of system resources, kills your battery, animation is a bit laggy
Spirit Stones for Android is an interesting match 3 / RPG card game hybrid. The play is fairly common, but if you've got a thing for cartoon boobs, there's plenty of cleavage for you here.
Spirit Stones takes the typical match 3 style game and traditional RPG cards and combines the two to make something all its own. The screen is basically split in two; the bottom half has all your match 3 style gemstones, and the top half has animations of your heroines and enemies. Your busty heroines are armed and ready to do battle, though how they fight with those huge knockers in the way still escapes me. I guess boob implants are popular even in this 'once upon a time' fantasy realm. Make combinations of jewels on the lower half of the screen to unleash animated attacks against enemies on the top part of the screen. There's power ups and hero evolutions to keep things interesting.
The graphics are quite good and look like an anime comic book; but essentially just a series of still pictures. What little animation there is during battles is crude and underdeveloped; though I'm guessing the little boys playing this won't be paying much attention to the animation. Virtually every heroine looked like a nasty 'ho' taking time away form pole dancing long enough to save the galaxy; that alone ought to make this a hugely popular game.
The controls are decent but choppy. The animation is mediocre. But the graphics are very colorful and inviting; in a come hither, 'I wanna take away your virginity' sorta way.
The initial install is belabored and slow. The app outright crashed on me twice, and the extra downloads took forever; probably it was all the fake boobs eating up my bandwidth.
Spirit Stones is a decent game which should hold interest. The app, however, is riddled with glitches and hangs, but i suspect given how the heroines are dressed, no one cares about any of that anyway; have fun!

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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Getting black screen, already did this once and I had to uninstall & reinstall, losing everything in the process  Is it going to do this every time an update comes out?  
I can not download anything! how can I download games?
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