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Chicken Boy
Chicken Boy
Chicken Boy
Chicken Boy
Chicken Boy

Review Chicken Boy

Sergei Petrov
Chicken Boy - cute arcade shooter for Android with simple controls, vivid characters and a touching mission to save the chick. If you wish the main character, a little chicken, then you have to really like should try to avoid being carried away and ate some very hungry monster.
To pass all the levels, earning three stars on each, you should not just play to develop strategy and tactics to protect their chicken. Despite a very nice animation and vivid style, the game can be called little suitable for young children - too complicated.


So before you start handing out fruit punch each attacking monsters we see on the screen exactly what fruit we will have in the arsenal, and how they will alternate. Also, on the screen we see in the upper right corner next fruit, which will be performed shot, and in the bottom corner - the degree of passage of the current level. For each winning level we will receive a cash prize and an asterisk. The game features 40 types of enemies, so within the gameplay you will definitely have to master the art of super shot for a lethal damage to enemies. For total destruction of all attacking you will be given a choice of 10 types of weapons in the form of fruit - apples, grapes, pears, bananas and so on.
To make a shot, you need to start to aim properly, calculating the angle of flight and speed of movement of a particular monster. After sight click on the screen and wait until the power line is filled bumps. Once we let go of the finger occurs kick. The closer you are to the maximum, the more able to inflict a crushing blow. Blows with maximum force capable of destroying the monster at a time, and sometimes two. The fun starts when the monsters attack in waves, as well as in the moment when the chicken is stolen, and now you need to get him out of the clutches of the monster quickly removed from the screen. The difficulty is that the monsters successfully hide each other without letting you how to aim and immediately save the chicken.

Features Chicken Boy for Android:

  • Nice graphics and beautiful animation;
  • Bright, eye-catching design;
  • Cute and funny characters;
  • 4 exciting and not similar to each other and the world 60 levels;
  • Incredible battles with the bosses in each world;
  • Fruit varied arsenal of weapons and a lot of bonuses.
It is difficult to talk about the shortcomings in the case when the game is made for quite a decent level, and there are absolutely no in-game purchase. Of course, the arsenal could be varied. Yes, and difficulty levels also would not hurt to enter, if only for the fact that children can also fully enjoy this colorful arcade. But in fact this is a trifle, as pay for anything not necessary.


Chicken Boy - bright shooter for Android, in which you can be as nimble in fruit shoot and dangerous monsters, protecting small and very cute chick from the waves of invasions. The game is not as simple as it seems at first glance, so do not count on a quick victory.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Chicken boy game
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