Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
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Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

Review Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

Sergei Petrov
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - this is one of the most unusual games for Android, what we saw. The game is an adaptation of the legendary series of game books Joe Dever `s, which began to emerge in 1984 and sold a total circulation of more than 9 million books. In this book the reader at every moment makes a choice that affects the plot, character, and the final outcome. Exit full computer game was only a matter of time, and technology has finally reached this point.
Development of the game has been one of the most talented studios - Bulkypix, you can know it for games such as Aby Escape and Type: rider. In this game the book we read the original story, each time to make their own choices, and in moments of collisions will agree to participate in the beautiful battles with splendid 3D-graphics.


At the very beginning of the game we are creating your character, specify what weapons will own our hero, and what skills he has. Create a character should carefully because after change anything already be impossible.
The game consists of 50 to 50 from a reading of the book with a choice of answers and full 3D-fighting. About the first part is not necessary to explain anything, just enjoy reading and think before you choose something and have time to react in an embedded Quick Time Event (QTE).
Battles in the game are somewhat similar to today's popular style slashers Infinity Blade. The fight goes to the floor, step by step, for each shot, we are given a certain time, for which we need to decide what shot put. If we do not decide, the course will be the enemy. Also, at the time of the attack the enemy or our attack, the screen may appear different icons Quick Time Event, which will help to put an extra punch, parry enemy and so on.
The hero has several types of attacks - melee weapons, ranged weapons, magic and super kick. Each hit is recharged according to the time and energy points, these moments should use defensive skills hero.

Features Joe Dever's Lone Wolf for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • Interesting combat system;
  • Exciting storyline;
  • Stunning interactive illustrations and screen savers;
  • The dialogues and decisions that affect the development of the plot;
  • All kinds of Quick Time Event will not let you get bored.
Shortcomings at the moment of the game a lot, but almost all of them exclusively technical. Should take into account that the project was very challenging and quality, let's be patient. It's nice that this is not a one-off game, it's a real survivor. Developers will be releasing each part of the book as a single episode of the game, and a total of 28 pieces.
Summary. Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - it's a great idea and good execution, one of the most unusual games for Android, with a great storyline and thoughtful gameplay. Buying the game, you grant access only to the first three episodes (the first three books), all other episodes are bought already on a course through in-game purchase.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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YaminoEndo12 Mar 2014, at 11:14Motorola RAZR
It crashes on Motorola Razr.
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