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Bitter Sam
Bitter Sam
Bitter Sam
Bitter Sam
Bitter Sam
Bitter Sam
Bitter Sam
Bitter Sam

Review Bitter Sam

Sergei Petrov
Bitter Sam - strange arcade game for Android and very sad about the unlucky creature named Sam, whose kidnap one fateful day in order to conduct experiments on him in a secret laboratory. These experiments do not like our poor Sam, so you should try to have as not to damage it during the experiments!
Attitude to this game was not very unambiguous: on the one hand, very sorry protagonist - forever sad animal of unknown origin, which smiles and rejoices only in the time of his death during the experiments. On the other hand, the game is really able to captivate not a joke and is something unlike anything previously seen us play.


So, according to our very sad story in the world of the protagonist is kidnapped right out of his cozy home and a nice start to put on it is very dangerous and strange experiments. However, if the hero did not seem strange to you, then the experiments, perhaps (he is a match), will not cause any issues. So Sam is tied to a string or rope and begin to descend through incredible obstacles and traps. In the course of its soft fall Sam must collect bonuses that can help him to survive, such as pigs flying rubber and magic amplifiers for rope, allowing it not to break the sharp protrusions. In addition, there are a very interesting and fun bonus when you manage to collect three syringes, able to turn our pig a raging boar. After an appropriate upgrade our boar destroys everything in its path and makes it quite quickly fly very significant part of the way without noticing any obstacles.
On the screen we see the hero, hanging on a rope, and with the help of the accelerometer manage his fall, clutching the rope for support turntables, ledges and platforms. The main objective is to collect in the downs crystals, there are three on each level. And this is just what will make quite difficult, given the fact that everywhere we would expect stone spikes and revolving multiple spines. Also, we really need to correctly choose the angle of flight to our next move has not harmed the rope and did not kill Sam. And do not forget to collect the bonuses - no flying pigs, pillows and collected crystals will be difficult to go away and get access to the following worlds.

Features Bitter Sam for Android:

  • 5 different worlds;
  • Interesting story and unusual protagonist;
  • 100 exciting levels;
  • Good graphics;
  • Simple but nice design;
  • Intuitive and easy operation;
  • Great, smooth physics;
  • Many unique bonuses.
Besides the fact that levels of the game really is not enough, many may also frustrate the difficulty of going through some of them. Even on the first 10 levels, some do not pass the first and second times. Therefore, those who expected the game without the ease and relaxation of intense intellectual activity, are clearly frustrated. From the first rush to leave the game after certain difficulties only makes a huge thrill.
Summary. Bitter Sam - an amazing arcade game for Android, in which we will save the lives of a very strange, always sad, but incredibly sweet essentially stolen a laboratory for experimentation. The story and everything that happens is simply impossible to assess unambiguously, so we advise you to at least try. Each next world can be unlocked by collecting crystals or levels for one dollar of real money.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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