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Review Wraithborne

Sergei Petrov
Wraithborne - it is a beautiful and dynamic Action RPG for Android, in which we have to save humanity from the power of runes and magic. The protagonist of the game - a young soldier - excellent owns a large hammer and knows how to use the magic of several elements.
Game development studio is engaged in Alpha Dog, and this is their first game in the Google Play. The main feature of the game - an advanced engine Unreal, which allowed to draw a beautiful world, great visuals, as well as the creation of a dynamic battle system.


Control of the game is no different from other representatives of the genre: the left side of the screen is a virtual joystick on the right - the buttons for strikes. Located on top of the strip with the standard of living and lower energy content.
In addition to the usual impact, our hero is able to use different abilities. The hero can stun hammer, or to create a wave of attack all around him. With each level there will be new skills and runes, which can also be used during the fight. For killing enemies, we will gain experience, and to restore health and energy of the particles.
The plot of the game is, but it is not particularly pronounced, but everything worked out with the tasks more successfully. There is a mission with the study of the world, passing cards, boss fights and missions where you just need to hold out for a while in the arena.

Features Wraithborne for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • Simple operation;
  • A large number of super strikes;
  • System improving skills;
  • Buy weapons and armor;
  • A variety of missions.
The disadvantages include the game is too short storyline. The entire game takes place in just a 1.5 hour, even if you do not hurry up and slow to perform all tasks. It is very small, even for a free game. Also, on the background of cool graphics and interesting gameplay, the soundtrack of the game is not the best, and do the sound of blows more annoying than the complete gameplay.
Summary. Wraithborne - this is a good free action game for Android, which will please fans of RPG and want to see a good picture and the engine Unreal. The game contains a bit of advertising and in-game purchases, as without it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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