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Dream of Pixels
Dream of Pixels
Dream of Pixels
Dream of Pixels
Dream of Pixels
Dream of Pixels
Dream of Pixels
Dream of Pixels

Review Dream of Pixels

Sergei Petrov
Dream of Pixels - the inimitable puzzle game for Android, which the developers have created a very special atmosphere by combining beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack, nice visual effects, and as much as five game modes. Tetris forever!
This example shows us that today Tetris much alive, still pleases everyone has grown up children, who in the past desperately fanatela from this simple yet surprisingly addictive game. It should be noted that many of this version seemed at times more interesting and thought-out classic.


So what do we do we see within this variation on Tetris? First of all, it is, of course, the beautiful visual effects, alternating right during gameplay. Achieved main window in the form of cloud, shimmering in different colors of the sky. All that is happening is like a dream or a fairy tale, in which you - the main creator. Dropping out figures are highlighted in a special color, and put the same way as before, with just one tap of the screen. However, to change the position of the figure you can just hold your finger pressed figure. On top of the screen we see the following figure on the stage, the current account, as well as the pause button. Combos can be done by removing from the field, several lines at a time. The more and the faster you remove the lines from the field, the more points you earn.
Now modes. All you'll find here are 5 interesting modes: Classic, Zen, puzzle, pro, nightmare and ruined dreams. Classic mode is the most familiar to us the model with infinite gameplay. Pro - it's essentially the same classic mode, but faster and more complex, ranging from 9 levels. Here you will also get more points for speed. Nightmare - it's very fast mode, where you will in a short time to catch all the floating blocks of Ground-off. Shattered Dreams is a field in which randomly distributed holes in the grid once the ideal of the classical regime. Jigsaw - the most interesting, in our view, the mode in which the figures in the clouds will have a completely clear shapes, representing the whole picture, we need to successfully enter the details given to us so that there is not a single superfluous.

Features Dream of Pixels for Android:

  • 5 different game modes;
  • Beautiful style and pleasant atmosphere;
  • Beautifully executed graphics;
  • High-quality sound design;
  • Unpacking the following levels during the previous passage;
  • The ability to share animated screenshots on Twitter and Facebook.
Almost all within the framework of this version of Tetris is made at the highest level. But now we hear the cries of fans of Tetris that whether the paid version of the game, it would buy without hesitation. Indeed, advertising is very intrusive and annoying, but it is absolutely not appropriate in such a format with high quality and tasteful, unique in the world.


Dream of Pixels - the original puzzle game for Android, made so stylish and nice that at least as addictive as the original version of Tetris at the time. Successive visual effects will help to many how to relax, and Zen mode will carry the expanse of his own thoughts. To all fans and lovers strongly recommend you to try!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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