The Adventures of Mosaika
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The Adventures of Mosaika
The Adventures of Mosaika
The Adventures of Mosaika
The Adventures of Mosaika
The Adventures of Mosaika
The Adventures of Mosaika

Review The Adventures of Mosaika

Sergei Petrov
The Adventures of Mosaika - addictive puzzle game for Android in the spirit of Tetris in which very successfully and efficiently merged stylish picture, music and excitement of the beloved from childhood gameplay. Tetris forever!
It is impossible not to note how everything is tastefully done everything from beginning to end, and how it is very different from everything that we saw earlier, this produced by the studio. On the high-quality product also indicate numerous rave reviews not only the usual and ordinary users, but critics. Game many times chose the best for the week as well as the application of the day.


First, you have to go online, it is very simple instruction. After that, you can select and begin to conquer the world Tetris. So, what do we see as part of the gameplay? First and foremost, of course, the beautiful falling blocks and celestial motifs in the design. Everything here is made pretty minimalistic, but no less interesting. And the music is perfectly complements the image, creating a stunning atmospheric effect. On top you will find the pause button, and the icon showing current account. New levels will be decompressed after the passage of the previous ones, and the visual effects will be changed directly in the course of gameplay.
In classic mode, you expect at least a classic endless gameplay. In puzzle mode you will solve the puzzle without the limitations of time, doing drawings, which you see on the screen. Mode Pro - it's the same classic, but starting from the ninth level and with a faster time, but with a lot of points. In Zen mode, you can relax and think about something else while collecting puzzle and arrange the blocks. In all other respects, as always, If you hold your finger on the block, then there will be variations on how it is possible to put it, meaning it will spin on its axis, until it is set. Combos can be earned if you remove at once two or more lines in the grid.

Features The Adventures of Mosaika for Android:

  • Qualitative alteration-liked since childhood games;
  • Familiar to many, intuitive gameplay in a creative process;
  • 5 game modes;
  • High-quality graphics with nice colors;
  • Pleasant and stylish sound design;
  • Animated screenshots can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.
Developers does not hurt to make a paid version of the game, for advertising in this version they clearly overdone. Huge advertising annoyingly pops up after each level, preventing easy to have fun and forget about time. I must say that even now, many would buy the game just because of the possibility to remove this very annoying ads.


The Adventures of Mosaika - Creative Tetris for Android, where you are sure to find some very interesting game mode. Many seemed this version of the classic even better, so it definitely deserves attention. All are absolutely free, so fans of freebies should not confuse even a large amount of advertising between levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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