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Review iCube

Sergei Petrov
iCube - quite a challenging puzzle game for Android, in which you have to navigate in three-dimensional space, holding a ball through a maze cube. Studio are three Russian developer who and joined forces to create this puzzle based on the children's game.
The game definitely appeal to those who, like us, a child was such a puzzle game, made even very simple and the cheapest material, but with a soul and a few levels to complete. Cube or cylinder to move the ball to the exit then was one of the most sophisticated and popular puzzles handicrafts.


In the two-dimensional maze of our childhood was pretty easy to see the path of the ball to the promised yield. As part of a three-dimensional space, many are confused and do not immediately understand the essence of the game, as well as the method of finding the right path for the ball. Do not worry, you quickly figure out what to do and how to achieve the goal. Each level must be completed in the shortest period of time, because the result will be to assess your impartial timer. Check mark in three-dimensional space marks the spot at which you need to bring and end up your ball.
Twist and turn the cube, simply necessarily, or even a simple level will seem impassable in a single space, and at the same angle of view. At any moment you can get two bonuses in the first game - it's a hint. If you click on the light bulb icon top left, then the right path is displayed using points over the entire space of the labyrinth. Second - it's freezing. By clicking on the snowflake icon in the lower right corner, you pause the movement of the ball and get more time for reflection. In the upper right hand corner you will find an icon with a timer to keep track of time spent, and in the lower left corner - the pause button.

Features iCube for Android:

  • 81 maze, each interesting in its own way;
  • Three-dimensional space of the labyrinth to find a way;
  • Convenient and intuitive operation;
  • Tip, which you can use only once a minute;
  • 9 levels of complexity for a variety of users;
  • Possibility to stop the ball through freezing;
  • Minimalistic design and quiet, pleasant graphics performance.
The creators would do well to add different chips and changes to the game. For example, to make a choice of colors and visual style in general. Not everyone will appreciate the colors chosen by developers and graphic execution. Anyway, to add a bit of variety in the framework of a minimalist design.
Summary. iCube - a three-dimensional puzzle game for Android, which is a cube-maze that you can twist and turn in space in order to hold the ball to the exit to the next level. During the game you will have to pay less than a dollar, but for fans of spatial thinking it's a great price, fully justified for such a number of levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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