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Lumber Jacked
Lumber Jacked
Lumber Jacked
Lumber Jacked
Lumber Jacked
Lumber Jacked

Review Lumber Jacked

Sergei Petrov
Lumber Jacked - this is hardcore pixel platformer for Android, in which we will play for a woodcutter, cleaning your wood from a variety of pests. The game should appeal to fans of the pixel styling and sophisticated style platformer


The game is set in a deep forest, home to our main character. At some point in our forest bandits-beavers came and began to steal the precious wood, and which belonged to the protagonist.
Game control is carried out by means of two buttons to move back and forth, which are in the lower left corner, as well as buttons for jump and attack from the right. In addition to the usual jump, our hero is also able to perform a double jump and cling to the steep wall to climb up on them, jumping from wall to wall.
Attack in the game need not only to kill the beavers, but also to pass various obstacles and destroying obstacles. The fact is that in the time of the attack with his fist, as we pulled ahead on a long distance. It is necessary to take into account that during the attack did not fall off a cliff.
At each level in the Lumber Jacked we must quickly find the main beaver and kill him. To reach it, you need to go through a small test, where we will wait for traps and enemies. The faster we go through the level, the more stars we get to the end.

Features Lumber Jacked for Android:

  • Pixel pastiche;
  • Simple operation;
  • Hardcore gameplay with increasing difficulty;
  • Interesting levels and obstacles;
  • A fascinating physics;
  • Nice sound.
The disadvantages of the game include some errors when the character gets stuck in the wall (it helps to restart the level). Also, many devices can fail management, but this error is eliminated almost all devices.
Summary. Lumber Jacked - a dynamic platform game for Android, which is free and ad-perfect for short gaming sessions. If you enjoy challenging games with fast gameplay, and you do not enrages pixel graphics, the game should please you.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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