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Dead Effect
Dead Effect
Dead Effect
Dead Effect
Dead Effect
Dead Effect
Dead Effect

Review Dead Effect

Sergei Petrov
Dead Effect - this is an interesting and exciting shooter for Android, where we will wander through the space station to carry out different missions and meet with a lot of zombies and mutants. Unlike
On the first run of the game immediately striking quality graphics and realistic picture, clear textures in high resolution and excellent portrayal of weapons and enemies. Fly in the ointment here was the animation shots and hits, the blood of the games pixel 90th, hope that it will soon be corrected.


The management plan before us the classic first-person shooter, with the left-hand side is a virtual joystick to move, and on the right side - a zone for aiming the attack button, recharge. Also, there are buttons on the sides for easy turning and killing those who are behind.
The great thing about the game - it's zombies and their behavior on the map. They do not behave as predictably as in other games. Zombies react to you in the moment when you start to make noise or get into the zone of visibility. At the same time, being close, zombies can do a little spurt and rapidly attack you.
When driving on an abandoned spacecraft in Dead Effect, you will be constantly accompanied by amusing dialogue with the crew, a lot of jokes and interesting stories. It is necessary to constantly examine all around, as some of the dead with the severed legs are able to creep up unnoticed.

Features Dead Effect for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • Convenient control;
  • Exciting atmosphere;
  • Interesting behavior of zombies;
  • A good story with well developed dialogue;
  • A large number of weapons;
  • Complex gameplay.
Summary. Dead Effect - an atmospheric and high-quality shooter for Android, which will appeal to gamers and fans of the zombie series Dead Space. The disadvantages of the game can be attributed only model free2play, which somewhat limits the freedom of action. Once the game will entice you, the complexity will increase to such a level that go through the game without purchasing additional resources will be virtually impossible.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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eric gilbert
can i play this game without internet connection
Hey Dude , I Try This But Somethin gs Wrong . I Neeed To Buy It In My Android
Hey they should make this game applicable for every android
Its awesome im afraid of zombies
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