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Wake the Cat
Wake the Cat
Wake the Cat
Wake the Cat
Wake the Cat

Review Wake the Cat

Sergei Petrov
Wake the Cat - incredibly cute arcade game for Android in which we will build objects and contraptions plexus trajectory to hit the ball of yarn. And we do all this will be with a single purpose - to awaken sleeping eternally in all rooms kitten.
Studio Chillingo is gaining popularity for uncomplicated management of the games, as well as bright, rich colors and soft design in general, as pictures and animations and music. For example, a review of the game, which we laid out not long ago from the same studio on a game called


As a means to wake up, we will use, of course, a ball for knitting. Slippers, drums, toys, toy cars, trains, tubes, boxes, baskets, crockery and even outlets to be used as impact points and pass the coil in the direction of a kitten. With all of these objects can interact, establishing in that position, and in the place where the need for a precise hit. Interfere and help us to be fans and the rails of the same railway. On each level you have three attempts, that is, three knitting coil. On some levels will be very difficult to come up with a clever system of awakening, nagorazhivaya new walls and points to hit.
For help to solve this puzzle you will come to the force of gravity and physics. Also very useful savvy and care, because often you will first need to understand how to interact with a particular subject. As part of the gameplay and provides a hint, but you can use it only once per hour. At the tip of the right path and trajectory of impact you will be small colored dots. Try to get to the punch line at the right time, and then everything just happens. Depending on the number of used balls you will receive a star for completing each level.

Features Wake the Cat for Android:

  • Over 100 levels;
  • Beautiful 3D graphics;
  • Nice sound;
  • Fun for all ages gameplay;
  • 180 achievements in the form of stars;
  • Several scenes for sleeping kitten - kitchen, living room, game room;
  • Tapami simple touch controls on the screen.
The developers promise that will soon be packing more levels for this game, so that all the fun is just beginning. And this is especially pleased by the fact that in this puzzle can be very fun and easy to play as a family, helping each other in the wake eternally sleeping kitten.


Wake the Cat - original puzzle game with elements of strategy for Android. Despite the fact that the first thing to be excited about the game is the children due to its high degree of grace, adults will also be very interesting to play, because some levels may well seem very complicated, especially in the beginning. The cost of the game - just a dollar, it is acceptable for such a number of levels, and entertainment.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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