The Impossible Line
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The Impossible Line
The Impossible Line
The Impossible Line
The Impossible Line
The Impossible Line
The Impossible Line

Review The Impossible Line

Sergei Petrov
The Impossible Line - addictive puzzle game on the care and storage for Android. It would seem that it may be easier: Draw a line from the beginning to the other point! But not when the game include invisible walls, moving objects and the keys to open the doors to a new level, it becomes more than seriously.
Engaged in developing the game studio Chillingo International, which we know from the many games of different genres. On our site there are many reviews of games from the studio, for example,


Thus, the main objective, as you have probably realized - to fly from point A to point B without crashing to any obstacle. But the obstacles are represented in the form of walls, very cleverly set initially, but still invisible to the eye after a few seconds of the original show. So as soon as you touch the screen with your finger, all the walls and obstacles vanish immediately, we can only act on the memory that is blind. And you will be able to draw the impossible, but there is a line on the blackboard? Just put your finger in a convenient place (not necessarily exactly on the arrow in the form of airplane) and drive right up to the point as a target - this is the passage to the next level.
Top right you will see a large red circle - a kind of radar that will signal you when you are up close to the obstacles. On the left you will see a number of other buttons - this is your balance, the ability to pause recording, as well as the amount of each of the two tips. In some levels will have to work hard and well before the strike home, to go through the sprocket, to eliminate the lock with the coveted exit point for the next round. An asterisk in this case may be one, or maybe three. Of course, there were hints here at your disposal only two kinds of help to choose from - the nearest space lighting (lamp), and re-display all the walls for a few seconds right during the round.

The Impossible Line Features for Android:

  • More than 300 levels on the passage;
  • Simple gameplay, suitable for all ages and any preferences;
  • Convenient touch control with just one finger;
  • Invisible barriers and stars to open the passage to the next level;
  • Two tips to choose from - point lighting and display the entire screen for a few seconds;
  • Pleasant minimalist graphic design;
  • Tightening process that is impossible to put it down.
For the successful passage of each level you get a coin, which again can be used for the coveted tips. Here we would have to write about the shortcomings, but no serious flaws we just have not found. So the reviews, in which they write that everything is very easy and basic cause us great doubts - and whether these players were on the 50th level? Most likely, even on the 30th did not pass.
Summary. The Impossible Line - addictive game for Android, thanks to which you will learn what to draw on the blackboard with chalk - it's not always easy and effortless task. Despite the seeming simplicity of the gameplay, the difficulty is on the 20th level, when you have to memorize a lot of hidden details. Overall, recommend a good ubivalka time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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