Disney Alice in Wonderland
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Disney Alice in Wonderland
Disney Alice in Wonderland
Disney Alice in Wonderland
Disney Alice in Wonderland
Disney Alice in Wonderland
Disney Alice in Wonderland

Review Disney Alice in Wonderland

Sergei Petrov
Disney Alice in Wonderland - Puzzle for Android with unusual gameplay, which is difficult to put into the framework of any existing genres, but most of all it's probably similar to the dynamic quest. Home is your task - to prevent the Black Queen in her sinister plans and stop her minions.
And here again we have the opportunity to go to a wonderful magical land with plenty of room to find new adventures and solving a interesting jobs. Here, along with the familiar and beloved characters, we will wander through the colorful locations and fulfill our task. Thanks to a new notion in the already hackneyed theme, we can visit the Tea Party, the White Queen's castle and other amazing places. You will not play for Alice, but for the other interesting characters, named for the author of the book - and Lewis Carroll.


It all starts quite simple: drink liquid from a vial of uncertain origin from the magic bubble. Decreased in size, start a fun adventure, traveling to different gaming locations. In each location we encourage local heroes in the organization of their life and magical things. For example, to find the cups, chairs, destroying traps and so on. In one of the scenes of the famous tea party organizing, searching the necessary ingredients. A difference with the quest is that the same maker, for example, boils certain amount of time or, for example, to grow for carrot rabbit again to wait. This gameplay is quite similar to the famous farm and everything connected with them. Go to the next location you can only carry out all tasks at this level.
Heroes looks like at least interesting, and the whole design in the spirit of light madness. You can navigate on dialogue and on the window with these missions. Sometimes the gameplay skips cunning and sophisticated phrases that can be confusing, but if you go to a job list and click on the arrows to decipher, as immediately becomes clear and you know exactly what to do next to complete the game. In this case, the game made a strong emphasis on the social component, so you can pass the levels with the help of friends, as well as advice from new friends in the game. If you have any questions about the gameplay, the game can go inside and see the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Navigate the location easily by conventional tapami interactive objects on the screen.

Features Disney Alice in Wonderland for Android:

  • Popular and loved by many characters;
  • Beautiful and bright graphics;
  • More than three scenes with colorful locations;
  • Collect resources and objects to complete the game;
  • Performance of interesting jobs and bizarre guessing riddles;
  • Localization into several languages.
"Donate" in the game there, and much of it can seem too tough, especially in the framework of the developer. Tips if you have to buy them, will cost no small money. As in most cases, to continue the game at some point will nevertheless pay the developer. Among the shortcomings highlighted also focus on the children's age, because everything that happens in the game for sure will make for the youngest category of users the greatest effect - bright and funny characters, colorful locations, magical transformation.
Summary. Disney Alice in Wonderland - an interesting game for Android, more than anything resembling a quest in a mixture with the systematic execution of tasks and searching for items. Younger fans of Wonderland to like - a lot of special effects, dialogues and beautiful scenes. Beware of the greedy "Donate", especially in later levels!

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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