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Review Aviate

Sergei Petrov
Aviate - it is a beautiful and stylish launcher for Android, which greatly simplifies the use of a smartphone or tablet. The ideology is based on the use of contexts (home, work) and your current location.
Development of the program deals with studio ThumbsUp Labs, which has decided to create something new and not similar to other programs. Currently, the program is under Beta-testing, and access to it is provided on the key obtained by mail. That is, you install an application, reserve a seat and wait for the key you will.

The interface and the possibility of

Design is designed in a minimalist style reminiscent of application Google Now, the same white cards and bright colors. At the top of the main window is a large picture that you set for yourself, it serves as a place of the background. Top also displays a clock, date, and location of your icon.
If perelistnut one screen to the right, open the Applications, where all the programs are automatically divided into major categories. This feature is very handy search program is much easier than in the standard case. It is also possible to add other categories and do a more detailed sorting.
The main feature of the program - is changing the home screen, depending on your location and time. For example, if you are at home, you display a set of applications and widgets (which can be customized). At work, you will see a calendar, and the ability to quickly send an email-message. While in the restaurant, you can quickly make a check-in to Foursquare and other services, as well as find out all the information about it by clicking on the links and the application's icon.
When you are after a hard day, you come home in the evening, then switches to the Aviate night theme, and will also offer you set the "Do Not Disturb" and set the alarm for tomorrow.

Features Aviate for Android:

  • An original and unusual launcher;
  • Smart sorting programs;
  • Change the main window when you're at home or at work;
  • Convenient tools for laying navigation;
  • Useful information about the restaurants that you visit;
  • Contextual clues, depending on location and time.
The disadvantages of the program is the absence of many familiar things and detailed settings. In addition, for the use of the program requires the inclusion of certain locations, the battery will run down a little faster.
Summary. Aviate - this is an unusual program that allows you to take another look at the operating system Android. This is one of the few launcher, which we encourage you to try everything at least because of the interesting concept. Do not forget that the program is in Beta-testing stage, and little mistakes - it's completely normal phenomena in the test.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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