Giant Boulder of Death
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Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death
Giant Boulder of Death

Review Giant Boulder of Death

Sergei Petrov
Giant Boulder of Death - dynamic action game for Android in which we will be able to manage a huge stone that struck the heads of the inhabitants of the accident. Simple story, easy and familiar management, quality graphics and very cheerful soundtrack make this game a great way to relax and have fun time.
More recently, we have overlooked another quality product from this studio - a bright and colorful arcade game called Robot Unicorn Attack 2 . Just as it is, this arcade can be estimated as the product quality is above average, calculated on the very different audiences.


Here you will have available a gallery of the victims, you will be able to properly crush, at least, highly scare during its regular descent from the mountain. Among them there are and ordinary residents of the mountains, and the Yeti, and the cows, horses and even geese. Also, you can not just push things lively, but also a wide variety of buildings - from small houses and lachuzhek to large houses and mansions. As you progress and you accumulate coins and experience, the gallery will open new kinds of victims, buildings and bonuses. In order to use the accelerometer to control the stone, the stone is directing to the left, then to the right. In this case, try to collect coins and power-ups, and not to please the outside in an open field. Also, on your way will fall spike barriers and towers, of which you can also break up the stone.
If you still crashed, the game is lost. Obstacles in turn can not just go around, but the jump. To jump just tap the screen at the right time. For spectacular combos and achieved the goals you will earn not only coins, but the crystals that will continue the game without losing progress in the case of failure. Also, during the game you'll get a super power when your stone will acquire the spike and armored appearance. Among the gains and bonuses will be very nice to get a lot for free thanks to in-game lottery, which may be repeated every 10 hours. You fallen amplifiers can also be replaced, krutanuv roulette again, but this is for the blood and sweat you earn crystals. With the gain can be increased speed, attack power, jump height and extend the time invulnerability.

Features Giant Boulder of Death for Android:

  • More than 60 different goals and missions;
  • More than 70 new destructible objects and victims;
  • 3 ways to control for selection: accelerometer, joystick or touch;
  • Incredible gain and a huge number of improvements;
  • The unusual and fun graphics;
  • Unique, incredibly cheerful soundtrack;
  • Board leaders and champions on Facebook.
In this game, much bored periodically Donat, which is impossible, however, to name a particularly greedy compared to other, more terse games and their systems in-game purchases. Also, can not please do not clean up the presence of advertising, which is also very intrusive. So concludes our top obsessions permanent offer sinhronizrovatsya via Facebook, from which after a while you come into a frenzy.
Summary. Giant Boulder of Death - free action game for Android, which is sure to appeal to those who want a fun and relaxed time. No deep thoughts and original plot you will not find here, but surely appreciate funny characters, plenty of humor and an original soundtrack.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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