Dead on Arrival 2
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Dead on Arrival 2
Dead on Arrival 2
Dead on Arrival 2
Dead on Arrival 2
Dead on Arrival 2
Dead on Arrival 2
Dead on Arrival 2

Review Dead on Arrival 2

Sergei Petrov
Dead on Arrival 2 - a continuation of the exciting action for Android, which is necessary to kill the oncoming zombies from different sides. The game is somewhat similar to the famous shooter
Game development studio is engaged N3V Games PTY, and the new game they have pleased us updated graphics, which they call "Console Quality" (loudly, but the picture is really pleased). At the very beginning of the game is performance evaluation system for putting the graphics settings. The new tablet Nexus July 2013 drew their game on medium settings.


The plot of the game itself is not, and our task is very simple - to survive as long as possible under the constant onslaught of zombies. With each new wave of attack on us will be more and more dead. Also, in addition to the classic, slow zombies, there will be special zombies have super powers (thugs, fast, armor).
We begin in the same place, but out of it, you can safely leave all ran to the door and opened it. For each opening of the door will have to pay the money, as well as for the purchase of arms, which is hanging on the walls. Money extracted directly in the game at the time of the murder dead.
The left side of the screen is a virtual joystick to move the hero, and the rest of the region is responsible for aiming and shooting. The controls here have long to get used to, because, simulating realistic, character moves very slowly, awkwardly long turns and takes aim.

Features 2 Dead on Arrival for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • Great atmosphere of the game;
  • Balanced complexity;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • A large number of various weapons;
  • Cooperative multiplayer up to 4 players;
  • Large map;
  • Using a tactical advantage terrain and traps.
The disadvantages include poor game optimization game for many devices. Thus, in one of the rooms in the battle, fell significantly FPS, by feeling up to 3-5 frames per second. The emphasis on the developers have optimized for Tegra 4 processors, which are now almost never used, but a couple of tablets and consoles NVIDIA Shield.
Summary. Dead on Arrival 2 - this is a good and addictive action game for Android, which is very fun to play in cooperative mode. We hope that the developers will modify the game so that it works equally well on all graphics accelerators, and make it more responsive handling.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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i cannot download it off google play ;-(
It will be a nightmare if u play
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