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Review Puddle

Sergei Petrov
Puddle - arcade game for Android in which you have to interact and manage different kinds of liquids, constantly being in danger. Try saving the valuable liquid collected in a fist all the dexterity and reaction time, as well as school knowledge of physics and chemistry.
This game is a winner of the Independent Games Festival in 2010 and deserves your attention, if only because of the original gameplay and fascinating pictures. The first 5 levels will be able to try out for free users only on devices with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, the rest will have to immediately buy the full game.


So, in this unusual and highly original game we have to manage multiple types of liquids, including water will, coffee, oil, nitroglycerin, molten lava, and so on. On each level you have to take into account all the physical properties of the liquid and the temperature, gravity, friction, all kinds of obstacles and traps, eager to take away a certain amount of liquid at each step and each level. Your main objective is and will be to not to lose the original one stock that you get in the beginning. At each level you need to save a certain percentage of liquid, and losing more established, the level will automatically be considered lost. Among the dangers and pitfalls you encounter flames as burning flammable areas and walkways, as well as carnivorous plants, and even electric shocks.
Fluid control seemingly simple, but in fact it turns hard. And along the way, we will promote, in fact, does not control the liquid and the surrounding landscape, tilting it to the left and to the right, depending on the conditions and traps. Here, you can choose to control the accelerometer or touch screen. Moving the fluid in the right direction, make sure that to the total mass separated by turns and traps the fewest number of drops. To help you navigate to the indicator showing the amount of fluid that you have, and also specifies the minimum required amount in the form of a red line. Your final score and the number of medals also depends on the time spent en passing each level. You can get a gold, silver or copper medal. Four times in the game you can skip the difficult level by pressing "give up and miss."

Features Puddle for Android:

  • Optimized for Tegra 3 processor;
  • The original gameplay based on physics;
  • High-quality HD-graphics and realistic emulation of the liquid;
  • Different types of liquid with its own characteristics and peculiarities;
  • More than 40 exciting levels;
  • The gaming community GREE, which brought together players from all over the world;
  • Localization into 9 languages.
The main drawback of this game is to optimize for processors Tegra 3 on other devices, the game can noticeably slow down. Felt and some shortcomings in terms of gameplay and all the same notorious physics. In advancing the fluid level is often the case that you have not time to keep track of the entire mass of the liquid, because the camera automatically switches you on, which already had a few drops fly off. And so because of the awkward and a bit of control is crude lost considerable weight of the liquid.


Puddle - realistic arcade game for Android, which certainly should at least try. The cost is $ 7 per game, which is quite a lot even though that, with due regard to the game can be a great time killer in any situation.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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