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Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry

Review Bloody Harry

Sergei Petrov
Bloody Harry - is a fun game for Android, made ​​in the genre of arcade action, where we have to fight against zombies and various monsters. The protagonist of the game - a cook named Harry who owns a huge variety of weapons, and loves to kill zombies.
Development of the game has been famous studio FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG, produced such masterpieces as the Tentacle Wars and Beyond Ynth HD . Every game studio has addictive gameplay and an excellent study of the levels, Bloody Harry is no exception.


In this game we will pass level after level, making your way through hordes of zombies and getting to the finish line. We can carry with him some ranged weapon and one weapon for close combat.
Control of the game is quite simple: the left is a virtual joystick to move, and the right - buttons for shooting, melee attack, and change weapons. Zombies will attack us from all sides. To get it on the gun, you need to get up with them on one line. If you stand right in front of zombies, then we get into the head (headshot) and plot twice as much damage.
In the course of passing a level, you need to break all the surrounding objects for gold, as well as to catch the passing bonuses. Bonuses in the game very much, for example, there is a fury, increasing attack power, or skate, which gives a bonus to speed. Each bonus is valid only 15 seconds in which to realize their advantage and kill as many zombies.
Between levels, we can improve the weapons, ammunition, buy new varieties of weapons, buying skills or summon to his side to help allies on one level. Prokachennom weapons not only do more damage, but also changes the appearance. For example, the easiest gun can be upgraded to two gold "Desert Eagle".

Features Bloody Harry for Android:

  • A nice hand-drawn;
  • Convenient control;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Excellent animation and firing hits in zombies (fly off the head and body parts);
  • Periodic boss fights;
  • Leveling weapon skills;
  • Appeal to their side of disposable allies monsters.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed not the largest selection of weapons, as well as recurring bosses. But these defects are manifested only after several hours of gameplay. Especially want to note that even in the game and there is a system of in-game purchases, but to play quite comfortably and without investing real money.
Summary. Bloody Harry - this is a great arcade shooter for Android with zombies and lots of blood. Great balanced game that allows to kill more than one hour of free time, we recommend to fans of the genre.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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