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Review Iesabel

Sergei Petrov
Isabel - it is a beautiful and high-quality game for Android in the genre of Action RPG, in which you can play as one, and a group of friends (up to 8 people in multiplayer). A cross-platform game and is present on all major operating system - Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. Accordingly, it is possible to start the game on the computer, continue on your smartphone and vice versa.
Game development studio is engaged Forever Enterainment, consisting of talented people. Among their other games can note unusual musical simulator in the style of Guitar Hero called Frederic Resurrection of Music.


The game looks and feels like Diablo III, the developers almost all copied all the basic elements of the famous role-playing action. Even the mechanics of combat, leveling, and fights with bosses here are felt exactly as well.
Management at Isabel standard for the genre: the left side of the screen is a virtual joystick to move, and on the right - the button for the main attack buttons and extra spells.
The single player campaign is divided into three major acts, each of which is traversed in a few hours. Also, the game has three difficulty opening sequence, as in a series of Diablo. At this point, the game only two classes - the barbarian and witch, but each of them has a unique set of skills and fighting style. Witch has to constantly run away from enemies and shoot magic from afar, while the barbarian skillfully away with the monsters at close range.
The similarities with the famous game is good for Isabel. We get the dynamic gameplay and high-quality graphics on a mobile device. Plus, the game is available as a full paid version, and here you will not be asked to make some extra money as the games from Gameloft.

Isabel Features for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • Addictive mechanics in the style of Diablo;
  • Convenient control with a virtual joystick and buttons;
  • Avtopritselivanie during long-distance attacks;
  • A good story;
  • Cooperative multiplayer up to 8 players;
  • Cross-platform game that supports all major operating systems;
  • 3 difficulty levels and over 25 hours of gameplay;
  • Two unique classes - the barbarian and witch;
  • A wide variety of items.
The disadvantages of the game include minor technical problems, the brakes and the lack of support for many devices. It's all about porting the game, and we hope that in the next update will fix all the developers.
Summary. Isabel - is an interesting game in the genre of Action RPG for Android, which, unlike the free analogues, can be considered a full game. It is distributed solely for the money and is worth $ 6 in the store Google Play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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