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Gear Jack
Gear Jack
Gear Jack
Gear Jack
Gear Jack
Gear Jack

Review Gear Jack

Sergei Blyudov
Gear Jack - a simple little arcade game for Android, pleasant to use and passage, with its simple controls, the two levels of difficulty and randomly generating traps and levels in general. The game is not as simple as it might seem at first glance, so auto-save at Check Point came in handy here.
Our main task - to help Jack escape from the first fully automated spaceship called W.Hale. The crash occurred as a result of which he was injured powerful electromagnetic wave forming a black hole. After the whole team went crazy, Jack was the only one who can save the ship on the verge of death.


So, it is not difficult to guess, our hero runs automatically. On your way to meet a lot of traps that require direct interaction of the game. For example, in many places will appear special circles with different arrows. With them to interact as follows: once the jack for the current round, the other to press the arrow as depicted in, and to hold the finger until the response does not start. In the garage you can adjust the settings to your own individual style, choosing the most convenient operation. If you choose an easy difficulty level, your game will be automatically saved each time at check points.
The controls are very simple, but in some places as it should have to try and show dexterity to make a successful passing from one position to another, and time to respond to new challenges. In order to avoid obstacles on top, click on the down arrow and just roll on in the form of a ball. To jump press the up arrow, respectively, and twice for a double, a long jump. To slow time click on the clock icon (lower right corner) and squeeze until the right moment. On the way through each round of collecting bottle with a mixture of different colors for a set of game points. In the beginning you can be trained and introduction, quickly mastered the main points. Most of the traps can only be overcome with the use of a combo "scram and jump."

Features Gear Jack for Android:

  • Automatic runner with simple controls;
  • A unique visual style;
  • 30 dangerous levels;
  • Many dangerous traps and spectacular stunts;
  • Customizing the attributes and appearance of Jack;
  • Two difficulty levels: normal and advanced;
  • The random level generation and trapping.
No surprising and pleasing features found here failed, it looks pretty obvious, no highlights and innovations in comparison with similar games. Unfortunately, management often buggy, does not work in the most dangerous and difficult moments in the passage that leads to irritation and full involvement in the gameplay.
Summary. Gear Jack - good arcade game for Android, which is easy to play, but not so much to pass all obstacles and traps. Good game develops dexterity and speed of reaction. Nothing more interesting things you will not find here, but the gameplay and negative emotions and the picture is also not called. The cost of the game is one dollar, which is not too much for the 30 levels of decent action.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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