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Phone Fight
Phone Fight
Phone Fight
Phone Fight
Phone Fight
Phone Fight
Phone Fight
Phone Fight
Phone Fight
Phone Fight

Review Phone Fight

Sergei Petrov
Phone Fight - multiplayer fighting game for Android, in which everything that happens is remarkably similar to the good old Tamagotchi with an emphasis on the fight with their own kind. In the role of a pet here will act smart phones, they are something every whim and desire, and we will meet, thus pumping levels and getting an opportunity to make a call to a greater number of players.
What really struck us in this game, more than anywhere else, so it's variety of improvements and changes to the smartphone. The developers tried to fame and added as much content as it will be difficult to master even the most hazardous and fascination with the player. Literally everything from a variety of weapons to the many variety of food here is aimed at making as much as possible not to let the player of the tempting and greedy embrace of gaming space.


Within the game, you can not only feed and delight your smartphone, you can also modify, giving it a new shape, facial features, clothing items, and so on. Just to personalize the look of your ward in this game there are 3 billion variations. It also implemented a very interesting and addictive system of tickets, getting that you can arrange a kind of lottery. The bottom line is that after the purchase and activation cards, bubbles appear on the screen with gifts inside, and at that point you have to click on any of the three bubble, selecting the gifts themselves at random. Often the inside is not anything that only further whet to buy new tickets.
So as soon as you wake your smartphone, you expect crazy fights in which you can deal with dangerous viruses or make a call to any other smartphone in the world. For starters you will play a trial fights against the virus and lower by force of arms smartphone. During the battle, so have time to click on the flying bombs, so you enhance the effect of their attacks.
With him on the battle can take a 5 point tools, among which should be both an attacking and a means to protect against shock. Vital signs during the bout marked green stripe. Once the strip enemy reaches zero, you win. For each win you get a reward in the form of additional weapons and a certain amount of coins. From the main menu on the bottom you will find everything you need to control your smartphone: the first icon - change its appearance, the second - to treat and entertain, and the third to join the battle, the fourth - to make a gift, the fifth - go to the store.

Features Phone Fight for Android:

  • 99 fun levels and 400 exciting missions;
  • The opportunity to challenge anyone in the world;
  • Active and gay community;
  • The possibility of single player and multiplayer;
  • Lucky Bubble - the original raffle for prizes and rare weapons;
  • More than 300 types of weapons, from the ridiculous to the most feared;
  • The need to take care of your smartphone: to feed, entertain, heal and so on.
Among the shortcomings would like to mention is not very user-friendly menu and control in general - too much content that even just get lost sometimes, where to click and what to do next. All pictures and buttons are full, and the game requires constant attention and often real investments for a comfortable stay. In particular, very tired of constantly feed the so-called pet in the form of a smartphone. The energy falls critically quickly eats it very rarely and very slowly, money for this process and takes a lot of time, and without food to meet defeat in the battle will be almost impossible. As a result, irritation continues to grow and you want to quickly get out of the game.
Summary. Phone Fight - a dynamic and unusual game for Android, brim full of different content, gain, bonuses and other items that can fully capture the attention of an unprepared player. For children and teenagers - that, for sure your children will come to a complete delight of all events. Just keep an eye out for in-game purchases, the temptations are also countless.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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