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Review Incredipede

Sergei Petrov
Incredipede - an amazing puzzle game for Android with unusual physical gameplay. Here you have to create and manage the incredible creatures that are able to overcome various obstacles. And in order to cope with the tasks have full capacity to connect the logic and wit, as well as a good workout at the office.
In this game, you really can feel the breath of fresh air, thanks to all that is going on inside of this unusual world, from the pleasant music, as well as a beautiful picture, and ending with the creation of amazing creatures and the passage of exciting levels. Your creatures can not only walk, but to roll, jump, and even fly.


So, if you are willing to take responsibility for the creation of a new being, and to feel in the role of Dr. Frankenstein, then you've come to the right view. Keep in mind that everything is based on the true anatomy and physics, so you have to be a brain strain to go through all the worlds and levels. All created beings are a priori refer to a female, but the shape and form they will give it you, after all these beings have a remarkable ability - to build bone and muscle in all areas of so-called body. Click and drag to make the bone. And in order to make a muscle, use the single-click in the appropriate place. You can do all sorts of combinations of the hands and feet of that length that will fit for this particular job.
Use nature as a source of inspiration. Many of you have made and your friends will be like being on the real-life creatures in the animal kingdom - snakes, horses, spiders, and even monkeys. Once our being willing to experiment and adventure, go to the fun - namely movement. By pressing the corresponding color made to move a particular part of the body in the required direction. After learning how to manage your newly created being, you learn not only to move and overcome small obstacles, but also to climb, jump, roll, jump over the lava flows and even fly above the thermal springs of wind.

Features Incredipede for Android:

  • The unusual atmosphere and original being;
  • The ability to create your own levels and being;
  • Relaxing and nice music;
  • Excellent, hand-drawn graphics;
  • 120 officials of various levels with varying degrees of difficulty;
  • Three beautiful world of your choice;
  • Opportunity to play for other people's things and break the record of other players.
If you do not mind weirdness and even a little eeriness that moment when you create from the bones, muscles, and one eye being that more must also manage, exposing all sorts of misfortunes and dangers, the game you will definitely enjoy. The only thing that can be attributed to shortcomings in this case - it's quite a high cost quality product. On it, and the author's work with fresh gameplay.
Summary. Incredipede - an interesting puzzle game for Android, where you can discover and explore a fantastic world with amazing creatures that you can create with their hands. The singularity of all that is happening just like all those who are tired of repetitive procedures and repeated games with minimal changes to the gameplay. Cost per game is quite high, but, according to the first to try out, is justified.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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