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Review Cavemania

Sergei Petrov
Cavemania - a great strategy for Android with elements of the genre of "three in a row." The game is equipped with simple and addictive gameplay, charming characters, incredibly funny animations and colorful graphics. Defeat all the enemies prehistoric!
So, as part of a prehistoric scene, we have to help a brave leader in its good and very difficult mission: to find and reunite all the members of his tribe. To do this, simply threatening to kill all the enemies in each level, using all the strength and capabilities. Along the way, we should not forget about food, and other necessary resources, collecting them between fights with enemies.


All your resources are displayed in the bottom of the screen in the box to the right. Displayed on top of the same number of enemies remaining on the job moves, as well as the current needed resource. Also, in the upper left corner you can see the icon, clicking on which you will find advice that is relevant to a given situation. Collecting all the resources of three or more in a row you earn matching bonuses. If you managed to remove from the field at once 4 a resource type, you get a super power in the form of a crystal ball to attack. If you were able to remove the 5 identical resources, are awarded by some surprise, which also falls on the playing field.
Transposing a warrior on the field, closer to the enemy, and as soon as we approach a distance of one cell can begin to strike. To start the fight quickly and efficiently as possible to enter the field of new units as soldiers, not slicing blow their leader.
Crystals can use and simple soldiers. To apply it to attack, click twice on the first warrior, and then the enemy. After the victory over their enemies, as a reward on the field are a variety of resources, they also need to collect. In the course of earning levels of gold, on which you can purchase various types of upgrades for its soldiers, from the shape and color of hair, and ending with the force of attack and defense. With the passage of the levels also carry out the construction of the necessary buildings and protect them from enemy creatures.

Features Cavemania for Android:

  • A fun mix of genres, coupled with a simple gameplay;
  • Funny fight with the enemies in the form of prehistoric animals;
  • Automatically unlock the next levels in the previous passage;
  • Exciting system upgrades and enhancements for all soldiers;
  • Ability to change the appearance and gender of soldiers;
  • A limited number of moves for each job;
  • The system of coins and stars for the successful implementation levels;
  • Incredibly funny animation of characters and the main character.
It would be desirable as a further improvement to recommend optimized for small screens, as well as more streamlined horizontal orientation - the screen in the game often behaves poorly when the orientation.
Summary. Cavemania - a kind of puzzle game for Android from the genre of "three in a row" with elements of the strategy on the theme of ancient times, the period of tribal communities. Various prehistoric difficulties and dangers await you at every step, so that all actions must be planned carefully, looking ahead and proschityvaya number of steps.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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