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Joining Hands 2
Joining Hands 2
Joining Hands 2
Joining Hands 2
Joining Hands 2
Joining Hands 2

Review Joining Hands 2

Sergei Petrov
Joining Hands 2 - relaxing puzzle game for Android with the sweetest characters, a very pleasant sound design, excellent thematic design and warmth in every action. The game also features a very compassionate system of prompts that will not allow anyone to fall into despair and abandon the passage of this conceptual puzzle.
Development of the game has been experienced studio 10tons LTD, the authors of such great games like


So, in this adventure title role will be played by various cute funny characters of unknown origin and unusual shape called "Peablins". After the fireball broke the peace in their home, wonderful woods, they must unravel the mystery of the incident together. And for this we need to pass a lot of levels, connecting with each other inhabitants of the forest so that they held each other's hands. To change the place of one of the creatures, drag it to the appropriate cell.
Various types of creatures have their own features and characteristics. For example, creatures that look like balls of fire, have to grab the hand perfectly all the friends who are close to them. And the oldest representative of the genus instead of third hand can be used by its luxurious beard. At each level, you should try to collect stars. This can be done by using one of the creatures in order to take a cell from this very asterisk. Levels in which you have managed to get hold of a star will be appropriately marked on the map. The higher the level, the more types of creatures with unique properties and the number of hands.

Features 2 Joining Hands for Android:

  • A large variety of fun creatures with different number of hands;
  • No time limit;
  • Nice groovy soundtrack;
  • About 140 fun levels;
  • Tips and their number is not limited, but need time to use;
  • Funny cartoon graphics;
  • Various advances in Google Play Games.
Of the merits of the game at the same time also follow and disadvantages. Many of the game may seem boring and too simple. Not only is the right combinations can pick up very quickly, so more and tips endless. And despite this, very pleased to see that in the game there is absolutely no violence (only positive and joy), now it is not meet so often.


Joining Hands 2 - a fun puzzle game for Android, which is very easy and fun to play for both adults and children, thanks to the excellent system prompts, as well as the pretty design, high-quality graphics, soundtrack and the corresponding right idea at the heart of the gameplay. The game is worth three dollars, but the passage in the same breath.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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