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The Mouse
The Mouse
The Mouse
The Mouse
The Mouse
The Mouse
The Mouse
The Mouse

Review The Mouse

Sergei Blyudov
The Mouse - an addictive puzzle game for Android in which your main goal is to feed the hungry mouse very well through theft and ingenuity. Very simple, yet addictive gameplay together with good graphics and fun design makes the game very addictive.
So, it is both funny and strange story about the mouse, which have suffered much for his little life, constantly starving and withdrawing from life, of course, from malnutrition. But becoming a ghost did not leave attempts to feed themselves, so we must do everything to ensure that at least after the death of a poor mouse received, finally, lots of food and was happy.


As you know, the ghost of the mice did not just get food in this puzzle, and stealing various kinds of products in different animals. Not very well and nice, but nothing can be done, will help. Traveling to different locations and territories, we will produce a maximum of food each time, until all the food will not fall into our hands. At each level, you can steal a limited amount of food, and only vertical or horizontal movements and always in strict amount of time. Thus, our main task - to connect all parts of the food so that there is not one element is not captured.
At first, all seems very simple, and even elementary, but each subsequent level gets more difficult as the last task in each of them - a kind of challenge, the most difficult and tricky task that is not easy to pass. For example, first we steal carrots from birds, fish, a cat, then peaches at the monkey. In order to steal food, just do a finger movement from a single piece of food to another. Following connect all the remaining pieces will not appear until the field empty. At the same time, our mouse is very funny rejoices whenever the job succeeds. Once the entire layer is passed and mouse satisfied, go to the next animal and a new kind of food.

Features The Mouse for Android:

  • A touching and sweet story;
  • Funny characters and hilarious animations;
  • 8 large single player campaign;
  • Vibrant and expressive visual imagery;
  • Pleasant and harmonious sound.
We wanted to find fault with this puzzle, but in fact they do not exist. Of course, we can assume that the monotonous gameplay can quickly become bored iigra not last more than a couple days on the phone. But, on the other hand, fans of the genre will want to explicitly pass all levels to the end and would be glad to continue.


The Mouse - an unusual puzzle game for Android, suitable for all ages and fans of different genres about the poor, the hungry little mouse in search of food. The freshness of the gameplay is good, but free of charge and the lack of advertising makes it more attractive than for any lover of puzzles. Do not pass by!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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