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Review Zebuloids

Sergei Petrov
Zebuloids - this is a simple puzzle game for Android, in which we have to help the aliens crashed on an unknown planet. We will collect various items and the remains of the ship, that just will not make it easy.
Development of the game has been famous studio AMA LTD, presented us with such masterpieces as


The idea of ​​the game is quite simple: we will control multiple characters, each of which has to collect and ship items to come to a certain point, everyone on the road will be obstacles and interacting with other characters, they can be successfully overcome. For example, the red character will be on the road spikes, but the yellow hero can turn them off with the button.
Each character in the game has unique abilities (speed, jumping conversion) and the speed of movement physics and level. Depending on how quickly we get to the exit point, and how much will collect items, we will earn points and stars you will need to open up new levels.
Control of the game is very simple and is carried out using a virtual joystick, which is located on the left side of the screen. Right also has a panel in which you can switch between the characters.
Tests of the game is quite familiar to those who played in the adventure and puzzle games like Portal. Somewhere, click the button, go through the teleporter, turn off the electricity and so on. The main challenge is to understand the sequence in which all need to do.

Features Zebuloids for Android:

  • Simple 3D-graphics;
  • Convenient control;
  • Three unique character with different abilities;
  • 3 worlds with 30 levels free of charge;
  • Two additional peace for the money;
  • Interesting gameplay.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed too bad 3D-graphics, which does not go to any comparison with other games from the studio AMA LTD. A feeling that the company's chief designer took a vacation, but instead drew a programmer, it is very simple and it looks ugly.
Summary. Zebuloids - good free puzzle game for Android, which will help you be happy to spend a few hours at a time, solving interesting problems. The game is free, but ad-and the ability to purchase additional levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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