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Review Moves

Sergei Petrov
Moves - this is a very simple and interesting program for Android, which allows the background to record all your movement, take steps and remember where you are staying. The program is designed for daily use and work in the background.
Development of the program deals with studio ProtoGeo, and the program has previously appeared on the iPhone and has managed to gain immense popularity. The program has won the love of people due to its simplicity and automatic identification of the activity. Moves easily understand you're running, cycling or eat in transport.

The interface and the possibility of

Design is designed in a minimalist Flat-style, which is now actively impose users of Google and Apple. In the main window displays the number of circles made steps as you ran or rode. The size of the circle depends on the ratio of distances.
Below is a detailed information about the route. The main point of where you are staying (home, work, coffee shop), will be marked by special markers. For example, you can see how much time you have taken the road "from home to work and back." Also, the program will record how much time you spend at work.
Each type of movement is marked with its own coloring: Steps - green bike - blue, running - in pink and transport - gray. Also, you can see your route directly on the map Google Maps. Of course, you can view their itineraries for any day.
The main objective of the program - is to help the user in an unobtrusive mode, change your life for the better, start to walk and run more. If some day you will pass more than usual, the program will inform you about the record.

Features Moves for Android:

  • Nice and simple minimalistic interface;
  • The program guesses your activity;
  • Routes in the form of a story line;
  • Recognition of places;
  • Pedometer and ability to set goals.
The disadvantages of the program can be attributed only to the fact that it inevitably increases the expense of your battery. Let this rate increases insignificantly, but it is always unpleasant. The developers were able to reduce consumption to a minimum, around 3-6% of spend per day using the app. In idle mode, the program will automatically terminate treatment of the sensors (GPS, accelerometer), until you start moving.
Summary. Moves - this is a real sport bracelet free replacement for Android, because the smartphone has already become a must-have accessory, without which people do not face the street. The program is distributed completely free, without any limitations.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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i have a samsung s5  android version 5.0 will not down load moves app
Tariq Abdulla
that bites, what does it say on the play store about not letting you download this? Not available in your region? Incompatible?
I loved it until I got my Xiaomi MI-1S IT DOESN'T WORK IN THIS PHONE! 
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