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Nova Defence
Nova Defence
Nova Defence
Nova Defence
Nova Defence
Nova Defence

Review Nova Defence

Sergei Petrov
Nova Defence - is an interesting game in the genre of Tower Defense, where we have to save humanity from the alien invasion. In our arsenal will be the most advanced combat towers, troops led by the hero.
Game development studio is engaged EGSTUDIO. Developers do not hesitate to copy the entire concept and many of the elements of the most popular Tower Defense - Kingdom Rush. In fact, the developers have taken the well-known game and made it a clone of the very average quality, but with a modern ambience. However, the game is absolutely free, in contrast to the popular hit.


At each level, we can build the tower at certain locations. Initially, the whole area is in a fog, and once we build the tower, the shadow around the tower is dissolved. Build towers, we can only at those points that are lit. Thus, it is necessary to immediately determine the sequence of construction of the towers. Incidentally, this is a unique feature of the game that we have not seen for peers.
The game has four unique types of towers, as well as for each tower there are a few types of improvements, and there are ramifications. Among the towers is also a hopper that encourages soldiers to the path that prevent newcomers to pass.
In addition to the towers, we can also control the main character and the use of special features, such as an air strike or call additional detachment. All of the skills and characteristics of the towers can be upgraded between levels of passages. To improve we need the stars, which are awarded for successful completion. Accordingly, the better you'll pass the first level, the easier it will be given later.

Features of Nova Defence for Android:

  • Decent 3D-graphics;
  • 4 types of towers;
  • More than 30 different improvements abilities and improvements for 20 towers;
  • Boss fights;
  • More than 50 varieties of enemies;
  • Several unique characters.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed only secondary to other games, and not the most high-quality graphics to date.
Summary. Nova Defense - this is quite an average game for Android in the genre of Tower Defense. The game just like the fans of the genre and fans of free games. But if you do not mind paying $ 1, it is best to download Kingdom Rush.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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