Depths of Betrayal CE
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Depths of Betrayal CE
Depths of Betrayal CE
Depths of Betrayal CE
Depths of Betrayal CE
Depths of Betrayal CE

Review Depths of Betrayal CE

Sergei Petrov
Depths of Betrayal CE - puzzle game in the genre "I'm looking" for Android, in which we will have a fun adventure and a test of courage. Great idea scientist - to create a robot that helps people in the household and not just cases, ended in complete failure, and we now understand how to fix it.
So, the story line is that the great man has made at least a great creation - animated robot, granting it the emotions and the ability to think. However, as always happens in such stories, created the creature refused to obey his master, rebelled not only against him but also against the entire city. Now this mechanical monster wanders the city in search of new victims and destruction.


Naturally, we were asked for help and we immediately rushed into danger and adventure in search of the evil mechanical being, which has already managed to cause a lot of destruction and continues to commit excesses in the city. Therefore, our main task - to stop the evil, to protect the city and uncover the truth. To do this, we will move from location to location in search of clues to otgadku, as well as collecting the clues to the truth was able to escape. If desired, you can always use the guide, which spelled out the main points. We find here the standard quest for control, but with its own twist. In the lower left corner we have a blog with all the important discoveries, reminders and notes. Here are all prescribed the next job.
Finding a particular object in the location, we can find the key to unlock the object. It usually consists of four smaller and less significant. Once all the objects in conjunction with the key found, we get access to the new tip. To complete the circle with objects, simply drag each one into place. But to do that they still need to find, and this is not always easy. Some items will be hidden in other locations than this, scenes. Also, many of the items will be in installments, rather than a single entity, so to add to the bunch will first have to find all the pieces. Below right is a button with the tip, if you have difficulty passing.

Features Depths of Betrayal CE for Android:

  • Fascinating story with a detective story;
  • Beautiful graphics and scenic backdrops in each scene;
  • Incredible Journey by train and a daring escape from prison;
  • Integrated management strategy;
  • A huge number of mysterious locations to search for items;
  • Mysterious clues and puzzles incredible;
  • Two difficulty levels: normal and advanced;
  • Collection of pictures and mini-games.
Videos and animations as always are of high quality, most commercials and place in the story scenes look simply outdated and even absurd. I'd love to have a prolific developer pulled this part of his work to a high level, so that we can fully understand that the money spent on the product, it is paying off. Also, looks a bit odd conversational mode that is nothing new does not, but only takes up valuable time.


Depths of Betrayal CE - a hidden object game for Android, where you will find lots of puzzles, mini-games and tasks, as well as an interesting plot and a variety of beautiful locations. Unfortunately, our attention is just the beginning of this mysterious detective stories. To complete the game to the end, will have to buy it at the moment of passing. The cost of the full version - $ 3.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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