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Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep
Clouds & Sheep

Review Clouds & Sheep

Alexander Vorobyev
Clouds & Sheep is a very cute sheep breeding arcade game for Android devices that makes you do your best to ensure that all sheep are happy as a king. You will need to play with them, feed them, give them water and sun, and cater for them in any other possible way.
The game was released by HandyGames, the famous studio that gifted the world many great games. Clouds & Sheep features a lot of in-game possibilities and elements that you will need to use to create the best possible living conditions for your herd of sheep.

Game play

The game play is pretty easy, though it may at times seem a bit tricky because of many in-game elements you will need to interact with. You begin with several sheep that you will need to toss up, play with their tales, give water and sun, and provide them with other fancy things. You will also need to complete mini tasks like breeding the sheep or giving them coffee and ice.
Just use tapping and swiping gestures to meet their needs and receive stars for making them happy. You will then be able to spend these stars on upgrades and buying other sheep. This is an endless game and new upgrades will be becoming available as you play and breed more and more sheep. Try out them all!

Key features of Clouds & Sheep for Android:

  • Detailed quality graphics;
  • Lots of in-game elements and upgrades;
  • Cute sheep and over 90 exciting tasks;
  • Endless game play;
  • Many various activities for your sheep.
Abundance of built-in ads and pretty chaotic game play which you may not understand at all from the start are main drawbacks of this game.


Clouds & Sheep is a really hilarious and addictive arcade game for Android devices that all people, irrespective of their favorite genre, will like playing. It lets you look after these cute animals and have fun at the same time!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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