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Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop

Review Tiny Pop

Sergei Petrov
Tiny Pop - a fun game in the genre of arcade games for Android is one of the best developers Com2uS, covering many genres, styles and gameplay. As part of the game, we will shoot bubbles so to destroy all the bubbles of three or more in a row.
In this arcade we have to deal with a very funny characters, chief among which is a pretty Dolly the sheep. She will help us in the rescue of the other residents of the farm of the bubble trap, suggesting that the best way to do, and shooting other bubbles.


So colorful, very colorful bubbles over our heads - this is the main purpose for any-and then we'll shoot. But no need to shoot indiscriminately, but with the mind, removing each time the field as much as possible bubbles with every shot. For the great shots we get maximum points, try and get in first place on the bonus balls. Some of them will destroy all balls of the same kind at once from all over the playing field. At first, if desired, can undergo a trial round with training shooting bubbles, as well as tips on the go shooting. In order to unlock the funniest and most generous prizes at the arcade mode, you need to try and how to achieve a certain level in the course of transmission.
Each round can be replayed again. In the "attack on the time," you will need to destroy as many bubbles in a limited time. For each game you will spend a life and earn bells, which you can then buy various bonuses. For example, three additional bladder at the end of each round of survival or laser destroying bubbles in a line field. Also, the bonus may be found among the unwinding time extending round at some time, and bombs destroy huge amount of bubbles at a time.

Features Tiny Pop for Android:

  • Colorful, lively graphics;
  • A funny and cute animation;
  • Funny characters are pleasant;
  • Monochrome mode for those who find it difficult to distinguish colors;
  • The possibility of competition with your friends and total score tables;
  • 3 different game modes, including a monochrome mode for those who can not distinguish colors;
  • Localization into 6 languages.
The game is very very annoying need to access the Internet. Of course, it is not critical for those who are always on the go and hand it is. But it does not always happen, but the game is just a very good just to while away the time on the road and so on. Also, in order to play, you have to produce or buy hearts, so-called life, and it's always annoying fans of freebies and free games.
Summary. Tiny Pop - the original arcade game for Android, which is very easy to understand and which is quite fun to play. This bubble shooter game sure to please all fans of the genre, and three more in a row, because the idea here is exactly the same, but presented to the new gameplay. The game can be called a free trial, as the creators make their purchases of lives for the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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