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Bad Traffic
Bad Traffic
Bad Traffic
Bad Traffic
Bad Traffic
Bad Traffic

Review Bad Traffic

Sergei Petrov
Bad Traffic - is a fun arcade game for Android, Divided two interesting single player campaign. In one campaign we will be playing for the Road Angel and defend the crossroads of accidents. In the second campaign, our main task will be to bring a real chaos on the road and arrange as many accidents.


The game has very nice graphics with a view from above. We'll be watching from heaven for the most dangerous intersections. We are able to only two actions to choose from - make the car stop for a few seconds, or give any acceleration of the car.
Combining these two steps, you can easily adjust the crossroads and do so that cars do not collide with each other. In the campaign with a guardian angel, we must prevent the accident at the intersection and hold a certain amount of time. In a campaign with the devil we must for a certain time to create as many accidents and arrange a number of explosions.
Management in Bad Traffic is very simple: click on the car causes it to stop, while the car appears second timer. To speed up the car enough to make a gesture next to it, push it with your finger.
As the diversity we see on the roads is not only simple cars, but also trucks, military vehicles, bulldozers, and special bonus cars. Each type of equipment has unique properties and parameters of physics, for example, can ram a bulldozer and pull several cars.
During the passage of the campaign we will get a special coin that will be able to spend on a special rescue opening or damaging cars. Also, they can improve the character angel or devil. If the angel will pass on the road, then save all the surrounding cars, and the devil will destroy them.

Bad Traffic Features for Android:

  • A nice 2D-graphics, top-view;
  • Two different gameplay for the angel and the devil;
  • Simple operation;
  • More than 20 different vehicles;
  • 9 different locations, the most dangerous intersections of the world;
  • Built-store special vehicles and improvements.
Summary. Bad Traffic - is a simple and colorful arcade game for Android with two entertaining campaign. Distributed game is absolutely free, but ad-which occurs frequently between levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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