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Review SnowJinks

Sergei Petrov
SnowJinks - snow arcade game for Android, takes you on a very real dangerous fights on the snow and not only because of the enemy as you have a whole arsenal of various devices for throwing. Do not hold your breath waiting for-winter and winter activities? Then you are exactly in the right place!
So, here you really have to arrange well, just the most that neither is on the epic battles in the snow. We have two characters - Jack and Jill, which can be changed at any moment. And we have a territory that needs to be protected from enemies. Ready to put all the bullies and protect the county from invasion?


As you guessed, in this game you can be as naughty without harm to their health and that of their friends. It is a kind of simulator games in the snow. In the opponents we will have the most current local bullies - nasty Taunter, unrestrained Shoveler, ice Freezer and accurate Pitcher. It is on their snowy attacks we have to dodge as follows. And avoid direct hits will not be easy: you have to bend down, you need to roll from side to side, turn somersaults and jump as quickly as possible and active, while still managing to make their well-aimed shots at opponents. For rolling just make a gesture to the left or right. To look out from behind cover, make up gesture, but to escape - down respectively. To throw a snowball press your finger on the selected opponent.
All the locations we will be very beautiful, with the mandatory attributes of winter - snowmen, snow drifts, playgrounds, castles and playgrounds. In the course of fighting must also collect the gifts that periodically appear on the field, as well as coins. The collected gifts will be used for various kinds of bonuses: freeze enemies, replacing snow with a zipper, and a quick recovery time spent in combat health. On the collected coins in the game you can buy upgrades to replace their snow globes, and a variety of hats for the most cheerful winter battle.

Features SnowJinks for Android:

  • Two characters in the game to choose from;
  • Different kinds of snowballs, there is even a piece of cake;
  • A variety of funny hats;
  • Funny animation during the exact hit;
  • The system of coins, which acquired all the upgrades;
  • Health in the form of a scale with hearts;
  • Different types of opponents with their characteristic features in the scrum.
The disadvantage is it is not the best-quality graphics that looks pretty flat on the background of all the latest hits. Also, I would like to mention the very avaricious shopping system, as all upgrades, chips and bonuses are bought for higher amounts. And the only thing that can help in this regard does not get bored and will try all the available arsenal of snowballs and other items, so it's the same with the purchase of a bonus doubling the amount for all collected coins for $ 1.
Summary. SnowJinks - great arcade game for Android, is ideally suited as entertainment for children, adolescents, and more. The game has a lot of dynamics and action, though not the most original gameplay and generally quite banal subjects. Just one dollar can be fun to visit in winter fairy tale about fighting in the snow.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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