Cats vs Dragons
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Cats vs Dragons
Cats vs Dragons
Cats vs Dragons
Cats vs Dragons
Cats vs Dragons
Cats vs Dragons
Cats vs Dragons
Cats vs Dragons

Review Cats vs Dragons

Sergei Petrov
Cats vs Dragons - is an interesting game for Android that combines genres such as arcade, strategy and RPG. The main role here are the cute kittens who need to get to the top of the tower and defeat all the dragons.
Development of the game has been experienced studio Animoca, which released such popular games as My Car Salon 2 and Robo5 , surveys are available on our website. The graphics in the game look a little rustic, but it is clear that the artists were given complete freedom of action, so all the characters look very nice, even the enemies here cause sympathy.


The game can be safely attributed to the heat of a "fortress against the fortress", though the appearance of the game and trying to disguise it. At each level, we will have to climb a few floors up, kill all the enemies and break the enemy's crystal that opens the passage to the upper floors.
When he reached the edge of one floor, we will automatically appear on the opposite side to the next floor. Enemies come down on us, and we shoved in the top. Each level will bring us closer to the top of the tower and the battle with the dragon, the most important thing.
Control of the game is very simple and looks like all the games in this genre. To control the main character, the king of Lynx, use the arrow keys, and the cat attacks automatically as soon as the enemy sees in sight. The hero can attack from a distance as well as to switch to melee when the enemy gets close. Yet the main cat has a large set of combat and defensive skills that can be used in combat with a certain interval.
Naturally, we will not fight alone, on their side, we can call upon other cats and dogs. The game has a variety of classes of animals, but we are able to take only a few species. To summon requires food, which is replenished automatically or falls out of slain enemies. Control a summoned creature does not need to, they will automatically rise to the top.

Features Cats vs Dragons for Android:

  • High-quality hand-drawn;
  • Cute game characters;
  • Easy management;
  • A huge tower of 240 floors;
  • 60 unique levels with increasing difficulty;
  • System improvements and buying skills;
  • A large variety of hosts which can be called upon to fight.
The game is distributed completely free, but ad-and the opportunity to buy game currency for real money. There are suspicions that the entire game without investing money will not be able to pass though the first 20 levels are passed very easily on the complexity increases very rapidly.
Summary. Cats vs Dragons - is a fun arcade for Android strategy with elements of RPG, which will appeal to fans of the game and seal the series "The fortress against the fortress." Due to the simple gameplay, the game is great for killing time off.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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