Trial By Survival
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Trial By Survival
Trial By Survival
Trial By Survival
Trial By Survival
Trial By Survival
Trial By Survival
Trial By Survival

Review Trial By Survival

Sergei Blyudov
Trial By Survival - this is a hardcore game for Android about survival in a world of zombies, which combines the genres of action and RPG. The game has a very interesting concept and gameplay, top-view, while in this game if you get caught and eaten by zombies, this is forever, no saves, just like in life.
Development of the game has been a little-known studio Nah-Meen Studios LLC, which picked up the modern trend of games of survival and adapted the concept for mobile devices. As a result, we get a view from above, melee, ranged, and a bunch of zombies who can get out of any place.


Control of the game is very simple and is carried out using two virtual joysticks. Left stick is responsible for movement and the right - for the attack. In the beginning we will have only a small bit, and at first will have to earn the automatic hand.
At first glance, a simple combat mechanics is not so simple in practice. For example, if you wipe a club at the right time, then we will kill zombies with one hit (head shots), but very close to blows are not effective, and here we can really push that dead man away. The situation is similar with the shooting: Shoot to it in the head, and not the shoulders, because, as you know, zombie alive until his head was intact.
Each level in Trial By Survival - this is a great location with the various corridors, secret corners and plenty of hidden supplies. Assignments are also different, we must either find a way or clean up the area from the dead.
One level of the game - it's one day. With each passing day the situation is getting more complicated, and the game is harder, because if they kill us, then the game will be over completely. Therefore, we recommend to bring more ammunition and faithful pet (yes, you can take a dog).

Features Trial By Survival for Android:

  • Nice graphics;
  • The unusual concept of the game;
  • Simple and convenient operation;
  • Only one life, in death, it all starts from the beginning;
  • You can bring your dog;
  • Interesting location;
  • Thought-out gameplay.
The disadvantages of the game include a very high complexity. Still, after a mere casual arcade games for mobile devices to play in something like this is unusual. In addition, the developers clearly hinted at in-game purchases, they are able to make the passing game more simple.
Summary. Trial By Survival - this is an unusual game about survival on Android, which will definitely please fans of the genre and fans of zombie theme. Today, Google Play is rarely seen original game, so we advise even just to look at it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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