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Review Repix

Sergei Petrov
Repix - a unique photo editor for Android, where you can manually add photos to interesting effects, and the effects are not applied to the entire image, and added with a brush.
Development of applications is a young studio Sumoing, and the program itself was originally released on the platform iOS, which managed to win thousands of positive reviews. Normally all image editors alike and differ only in a set of filters, the filters are also there, but they pale into insignificance.

The interface and the possibility of

The program has a very nice and simple interface. At the bottom of the program is a small menu with access to the main functions - to select a photo, filters, effects, frames and trim. When you first run the application will load a few test shots, which we will be able to try out the possibility of Repix.
For starters, you can apply a filter, although set here is not great, but collected the most popular ones. The most interesting feature - it is a detailed process with a brush. Here you can select the desired effect (it will be drawn on the rim of the hand) and a finger to add the picture.
For example, you can add the solar glare on your photograph nature or overexposed spot for a portrait. You can convert part of the photo into a drawing or graffiti. All this can be achieved by using brushes. For one photo can be used any number of hands, and any action you can cancel it by pressing the button at the top of the screen.

Features Repix for Android:

  • Nice beautiful design;
  • 16 filter;
  • Over 30 brushes for manual processing of photographs;
  • More than 10 beautiful frames;
  • Blanks for cutting photos;
  • High quality treatment;
  • Manually adjust the brightness, contrast, and other standard features.
The program is distributed completely free, but some additional filters and effects can be purchased separately, for example, a brush to create pictures in a drawing style. Fortunately, the greed of the developers did not suffer much of brushes and effects available for free.
Summary. Repix - this is an interesting and unusual photo editor for Android, which allows you to use simple steps to achieve such results, which usually achieve only by using computer professional editors. Examples of pictures in the screenshots you can see for yourself.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 8/10
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