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Little Galaxy
Little Galaxy
Little Galaxy
Little Galaxy
Little Galaxy
Little Galaxy
Little Galaxy
Little Galaxy

Review Little Galaxy

Sergei Petrov
Little Galaxy - a fantastic arcade game for Android, which makes the whole gameplay is based on the intuitive perception of the force of gravity, and the speed of response and care. If you've always wanted to feel like an astronaut, but never had the opportunity, here at least you will be able to travel between planets, opening up new horizons.
The game's plot is based on the true story of a young scientist who is trying to achieve his goals and dreams come to life. He lost everything in his life, all close friends, and now went in search of a new home, and for that he needs a prototype for a machine that allows to jump in space.


So, we're playing for a young hero who dared to make a colorful and bright, but also very dangerous journey to the planets of the galaxy. Donning their special boots, he is ready to make its first leap into space, and then continue the adventure in search of a new home. The challenge is to have time to click on the screen at the right time, because in case of failure, our hero will not be able to jump to the next planet and just fly away beyond the galaxy. And in order to make a jump in time, do not forget to consider the speed of rotation of the planets, gravity and gravitation.
You will clearly show what angle to make jumps and the first time will send asterisks for more accurate jump. As jumps to collect stars, for they get points and bonuses. Before the start of each new attempt at the top of the screen shows the goals and achievements that must be done to move to the next level. For example, to get a certain number of stars, visit the 10 planets at once for trying to make a 7 revolutions of the planets around the asterisk, to 1000 points, and so on. In statistics, you can find out how many planets have visited, how many games are played, how much time is spent in the game as a whole, the highest score and more.

Features Little Galaxy for Android:

  • Simple gameplay, based on a single touch;
  • Animation style and quality design;
  • A nice three-dimensional graphics and atmospheric sound design;
  • Sophisticated physics and mechanics, based on the intuitive gravitation;
  • Unique levels generated anew each time you try;
  • A huge number of different planets, bonuses and chips combo.
Easy gameplay is both advantage and disadvantage. To many it may seem too primitive and monotonous, of course. Just one touch to any part of the screen - it's not a great problem for the advanced players. However, the quality of the graphics and cute design, but also very sweet and touching story of the game (if it is true, of course) is more than smooth out the deficiency.


Little Galaxy - it is a beautiful and exciting arcade game for Android in which you can feel in the role of the Space Ranger, the conqueror of new planets. It will have to jump considerably, making incredible stunts and use the fantastic tools. You can buy the game for the dollar, which is comparable to the enjoyment of the gameplay and the quality of the product as a whole.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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